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‘Aesthetics of slowness’ Yoo Hee-kwan finally retires… Most wins in Doosan franchise history

On the afternoon of the 3rd, Doosan starter Yoo Hee-kwan competes in the match between the Samsung Lions and the Doosan Bears in the ‘2021 Pro Baseball Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 3rd. 2021.10.3/News 1 © News1 Reporter Hwang Ki-seon

(Seoul = News 1) Reporter Seo Jang-won = ‘Aesthetics of slowness’ Yoo Hee-kwan (36) finally takes off his favorite uniform. The record for the most wins in the franchise history of the Bears (Jang Ho-yeon, 109 wins), which was set as the goal, was also destroyed in front of the eyes.

The Doosan Bears club announced on the 18th that Hee-kwan Yoo expressed his intention to retire from active duty to the club, saying that he would start a second life.

With this, Yoo Hee-kwan put an end to his active career after 13 years of his professional debut.

Hee-kwan Yoo, who wore a Doosan uniform as the 42nd overall pick in the 2nd 6th round of the 2009 Rookie Draft, showed off his skills in earnest after visiting Sangmu.

Hee-kwan Yoo, who made his debut in 2013 with 10 wins (7 losses), covered his slow speed with sophisticated control and achieved 10 victories for eight consecutive years, standing tall as a left-handed pitcher representing Doosan and the KBO League. Doosan has won the Korean Series three times (2015, 2016 and 2019) during this period. At the center of the Doosan dynasty was the Yuhui-gwan.

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Last season, he managed to win 4 wins (7 losses) in 15 matches in a slump, but he became a victorious pitcher against the Kiwoom Heroes on September 19 and succeeded in achieving 100 victories in his career, setting the 7th record for a left-handed pitcher.

On the day he reached the 100-win record, Yoo Hee-kwan mentioned the most wins in the Bears franchise owned by Jang Ho-yeon as his next goal. Jang Ho-yeon, a right-handed pitcher who made her professional debut in Doosan’s predecessor OB in 1983, played until 1995 and recorded 109 personal victories.

Hee-kwan Yoo, who has won 101 of his career until last season, needed just nine wins to break Ho-yeon Jang’s record. This year, he was desperate to achieve his goal, but after much deliberation, he announced his retirement from active duty. As such, Yoo Hee-gwan’s goal was also left unfinished.

Yoo Hee-kwan said, “After finishing last year’s season, I thought a lot and decided to retire.

After seeing the growth of my juniors, I thought that it was time to step down.” After explaining the background to his retirement, he said, “I want my juniors to grow well and lead Doosan’s future. Even though I get off the mound, I will always support Doosan off the field.”

Meanwhile, Doosan plans to hold a press conference for Yoo Hee-gwan’s retirement at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on the 20th.

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