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AFLW News | Steve Price’s “ridiculous” grip slammed by Luke Darcy, Eddie McGuire

Former Western Bulldogs star Luke Darcy and Collingwood president Eddie McGuire slammed the shock Steve Price after claiming that Footy’s financial support for AFLW was “ridiculous”.

Price was accused by Darcy of being a “caveman” after expressing his contempt for Australian women’s football.

“On Sunday I was talking to a club manager (Richmond) on the field on Sunday … they think it will cost them $ 1 million for the four games. Is it a good expense?” Requested price on Triple M.

“I wouldn’t cross the road to look at it.

“Governments are pushing you to support women’s football so that you can build infrastructure.

“I love women’s sport, but the amount of money we are investing in it is ridiculous.”

Darcy specifically contested Price’s comments.

“If I opened the lines now, more people would support my view on women’s football,” Price said.

Darcy replied, “Because they must be ignorant, like you.”

Price: “There are many people who are unwilling to say what I said this morning because it is not seen as politically correct.”

Darcy: “Well, that’s not fair.”

Price: “We all have different points of view.”

Darcy: “We do. Some are in a cave and others have emerged.”

McGuire said he liked watching AFLW and Price’s comments didn’t go against reality. He said the female footy was becoming a real money spinner and increasing the number of club members.

“You have to expand your mind on these things,” said McGuire.

“So many girls are coming into play … they all watch TV.

“I go to watch the female footy whenever I can, and if I can’t, I watch it on TV.

“Yes, we have probably invested $ 1 million here in Collingwood and we are a mile ahead because of our women’s program.

“He’s made a lot of money on football in the past three years. Seriously, you wouldn’t know how much money he helped.

“It will be an absolute revolution for our game – it is the next phase.

“Women are not being carried forward by AFL. On the contrary. They are pushing this game to new heights.”

AFLW enjoyed strong crowd support and the likes of Daisy Pearce and Tayla Harris were high profile faces for the competition.

Yet there have also been struggles for the fledgling league, especially Harris’ misogynist trolling online after she was captured in a brilliant action photo.

AFLW critics also supported low game scores and a relatively superficial talent pool, with many players switching from other sports or suffering from limited opportunities to train and play during their youth careers.

The AFLW competition is underway. There are 14 teams this season, the fourth year of AFLW, but only eight games in the regular season. The modest device remains a sore point for players, having expanded by only one game since the first season.

Yet Darcy said that over 530,000 women participated in footy in Australia, 32% of the total participants. He said that Australian women’s love for the game could eventually create something extraordinary at the elite level.

“You have to provide a path. You built these things over time,” said Darcy.

“You have to get off and watch a game of girls under 13, it’s a pure sport as you will see. We are building something special.”

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