After 37 years of marriage, Said Aouita and his wife divorce

After 37 years of marriage, the former world athletics champion, Said Aouita, and his wife, the former Moroccan athlete, Khadija Akhriz have indeed signed their divorce. Aouita would have presented a request for conciliation which would not have been successful.


Khadija Akhriz, who visited the tribunal family affairs in Casablanca, did not want to respond to the audience of journalists present on the divorce cause. She just replied: “Ask him”. At the hearing, the former athlete opposed her husband’s request for conciliation.


At the origin of the problem, we speak of the affair of a second wife as well as many extramarital affairs that the athlete would have had over the years. But the real problem is a hidden son that Aouita would have had in 1989, two years after her marriage to Khadija Akhriz. To register his son in the register of civil status, the former Moroccan champion had married his mistress for 3 months and had paid her a large sum against her silence.

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