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After ‘Durian Collapses’, Jokowi Brings IDR 10.2 T Home from the United States

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – On the visit of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) to the United States, he met with the President and CEO of Air Products, Seifi Ghasemi, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Washington DC, on Thursday (12/5/2022) local time.

Jokowi said it was important to implement the company’s investment plan from Uncle Sam’s country and hoped that the investment plan could be followed.

“I welcome the signing of the MoU in Dubai, in November 2021. As an implementation of the plan on January 24, I held an inauguration for the coal industry at DME in Bukit Assam,” Jokowi said. were quoted in the official statement from. Presidential Secretariat, quoted Saturday (14/14). / 5/2022).

BKPM Investment Minister / Chief Bahlil Lahadalia when they met after the meeting said that in Air Products’ $ 15 billion investment plan, the first phase of $ 7 billion, or Rp 10.2 billion, was achieved (assuming an exchange rate of Rp. 14,667 / US $).)

“There is a DME project, methanol in Balongan, and we also want to build methanol in Cepu, the rest we will make hydrogen that will be built in Indonesia by using state dams,” said Bahlil.

Bahlil also said that from the results of the discussion between the President and CEO of Air Products, there was also a plan to develop an industry from upstream to downstream in the petrochemical sector.

“Right now, the task is for the Indonesian government to execute it immediately. Because the money is there, the project is already there,” said Bahlil.

“I think today’s meeting with Mr. President and Mr. Seifi shows that investment in Indonesia is not only controlled by a certain country, but has been distributed equally,” he explained.

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