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After false reports of divorce from Prince William and Kate Middleton – an expert in body language: look at tension.

MSN’s news portal, as it turned out, published a fake article claiming that Kate had allegedly left William and moved out of the shared home. The article was removed, but Newsweek was able to find out that such a report was originally published in a French publication. The letter later informed that the article was indeed fake and published inadvertently, so he decided to remove it immediately.

Though everything seemed to end happily, Kate and William still met internet users who thought they were really turning in different ways. Not only that, just a few days after the scandal, the couple still had to attend the premiere of “Top Gun: Maverick.” ShopCosmopolitan“Blanca Cobb, a body language expert, said that, after analyzing the royal couple ‘s photos in the first film, it was revealed that there was a clear tension in them.

“Although Kate walks beside Prince William, her expression says she’s thousands of miles away,” Cobb says.

The specialist noted that although both spouses advance on the same footing, which usually indicates harmony in the couple, their body language betrays the tension.

“William’s right hand is slightly pressed to his point, revealing that he feels a little tense,” Cobb said.

According to her, a happy couple usually does not allow anyone or anything to interfere with each other. He may notice that Kate is carrying a palm in her right hand, thereby creating a kind of physical barrier with William.

“If he wanted to take his wife by the hand, he wouldn’t be able to do that,” the expert said.

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Kate and William they look very happy on the outside, but their body language does not deny true relaxation.

“Although Kate laughs, giving the impression that she is having fun, a suitcase in front of her body is her psychological and physical barrier. Note that the woman’s hand is not completely relaxed as she holds her palm to her head in the bowl. “His arms and palms are lower. William’s arms bend at the bottom of his abdomen. “said the body language specialist.

Not surprisingly, after fictitious rumors of an alleged divorce, William and Kate demonstrated just this body language. In addition, it is very interesting to take a closer look at the behavior of the royal couple, and there will be many more opportunities like this, because the events will soon take place to commemorate the platinum reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

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