After frightening leaks…Nestlé adjusts its health and nutrition strategy


A document from within the company obtained by the British newspaper “Financial Times”, last Monday, stated that the majority of Nestle’s main food and beverage products failed to meet recognized standards for health and nutrition..

The document acknowledged that more than 60% of known Nestlé food and beverage products do not meet a “recognized definition of health”.“.

The Financial Times said it had in its possession a presentation circulated among senior executives this year, which indicated that only 37% of Nestle’s food and beverages in terms of revenue, excluding products such as pet food and specialty medical nutrition, achieve a rating. Higher than 3.5 under the Australian star rating system.

The presentation continued: “Within its total food and beverage portfolio, approximately 70% of Nestlé food products fail to meet this threshold, along with 96% of beverages – excluding pure coffee – and 99% of Nestlé’s desserts and ice cream portfolio.“.

Systems such as Health Star Rating and Nutrition Score are helpful in this regard, and enable consumers to make informed choices خيارات.

On the other hand, Nestle said in response to this leak that it will review its entire portfolio to update its nutrition and health strategy..

On Tuesday, it said it had launched a company-wide project to update its nutrition and health strategy.

A Nestlé spokesperson said, “It studies its entire portfolio to ensure that its products help meet its nutritional needs and support a balanced diet.”“.

In his remarks, the speaker gave the example that Nestlé has reduced the sugar and sodium content of its products significantly in the past two decades, approximately 14-15% in the past seven years alone..

He continued: “In recent years, we have launched thousands of products for children and families that meet external feeding standards“.

According to Nestlé, it believes that “a healthy diet means finding a balance between well-being and pleasure”.“.

“This includes making room for delicious foods that are consumed in moderation,” the company said. “Our travel trend has not changed and is clear: We will continue to make our portfolio tastier and healthier.“.

And “Nestlé” is the manufacturer of “Kit Kat” chocolate, “Maggie” soup and “Nescafe”.“.


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