After Hurricane Laura, swarms of mosquitoes swarm the southern United States, killing large animals

After the recent Hurricane Laura which killed nearly 15 people in the southern United States, the number of mosquitoes exploded. There are so many that clouds have been created, causing the death of many animals. This situation hits the breeders of the region hard, after the hurricane had already caused a lot of damage.

A real hecatomb

Hurricane Laura hit the coast on the border between Texas and Louisiana (United States) on August 28, 2020. It had passed to category 4 before impacting the area, causing fourteen deaths. It is one of the strongest hurricanes having impacted the south of the country for over a century. However, as an article published by the Huffington Post US September 11, 2020, the quantity of mosquitoes has increased sharply in the region. In Louisiana especially, swarms of destructive insects are killing the animals. The locals found many horses, cows and other dead deer, fully covered with bites mosquitoes.

Craig Fontenot is a veterinarian specializing in large animals living in the region. Asked on the occasion, the latter estimated at about 400 the number of cattle decimated. Many breeders deplore the situation. One of them said he had lost about 20 cows and another about 30 deer.

Mosquitoes can kill large animals

In order to kill this kind of animals, mosquitoes have formed real clouds. Together, they sting the animal continuously until it is empty of blood. Complement exhausted in its struggle to escape insects, the animal gives up and ends up lying on the ground before succumbing. Let us also mention the beasts surviving attacks. The latter have indeed many consequences. One of the breeders, for example, indicated that one of his pregnant cows lost her young due to the attacks.

Already severely affected by the hurricane, the region’s breeders must therefore also face the scourge of mosquitoes. These insects have certainly proliferated due to humidity level, which is quite common after this kind of weather event. Finally, the Agronomic Center of Louisiana State University (LSU AgCenter) published a statement advising the population to use blankets to protect the animals (see below). There is also talk of the large-scale use of spray against mosquitoes.

Credit: LSU AgCenter

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