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After increasing the price of gasoline.. 9 ways to rationalize consumption

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Today, Friday, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources announced an increase in gasoline prices, as the Automatic Fuel Pricing Committee decided to raise gasoline prices by 25 piasters, and the new prices will start working today, Friday.

The adjustment of the selling price of gasoline products of all three types, as of nine in the morning, was as follows:

7 pounds per liter of 80 . gasoline

8.25 pounds per liter of gasoline 92

9.25 pounds per liter of 95 . gasoline

While the selling price of a cubic meter of compressed natural gas used as fuel for cars, delivered to the consumer’s car at the catering station, was set at 375 piasters with normal specifications, including the specific stamp duty in accordance with the laws issued in this regard.

The selling price of a ton of diesel was set with normal specifications at 4,200 pounds per ton for delivery of distribution warehouses for the brick and cement kiln industries and the rest of the sectors, agencies and other uses.

While the work continues at the selling prices of diesel for the rest of the sectors as follows: 1500 pounds per ton for consumer delivery to the food industries, to be determined by a decision of the Minister of Trade and Industry.

2500 pounds per ton, delivered to the consumer to electricity and energy production companies that sell their electricity production to companies affiliated with the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy

There are a number of measures that can be taken to reduce the amount of gasoline consumption of the car.

Tips for your car to consume the least amount of gasoline – archive picture

9 ways to conserve gasoline

1- Monitoring the volume of gasoline consumption per kilometer, by following the meter for the volume of petrol consumption per kilometer, to find out whether the levels of petrol consumption are commensurate with the vehicle’s running rate and the number of kilometers, or is there an increase that requires maintenance and knowledge of the reasons for the increase in consumption.

2- Saving the consumption of the car by setting a specific schedule for moving, whether to the workplace or other needs, so that the places are close to each other in one day, with a plan to move before moving and adhere to it.

3- Ensuring the safety of the tires and filling them properly, especially since failure to inflate the tires in the correct way leads to an increase in the rate of gasoline consumption.

4- Whenever the roads are open and the movement is faster, this contributes to reducing the consumption of gasoline, and therefore if going out at peak times and crowding is not necessary, such movements can be postponed until times when the movement is open in the streets.

5- Increasing the consumption of the brakes and repeating the pressure on them leads to an increase in the consumption of gasoline.

6- Also, deactivating the car and restarting it several times contributes to an increase in the rate of gasoline consumption, and therefore it is not preferable to invalidate the car as long as the waiting period is simple.

7- The condition of the spark plugs should be reviewed, especially since the presence of deposits on them leads to an increase in the rate of gasoline consumption.

8- In the case of relying on manual cars, it is preferable to follow the natural sequence in using the appropriate transmission with the speed and not to exceed it to ensure the consumption of the appropriate quantities of gasoline without increasing.

9- It is possible to rely on closing the windows or at least reducing the open spaces when relying on high speeds because the air resistance of the car increases the consumption of gasoline.


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