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After Testing on Animals, POGI Calls Sinovac Safe for Pregnant Women

Merdeka.com – The Indonesian Obstetrics and Gynecology Association (POGI) encourages the administration of vaccines to pregnant women. Vaccines that are recommended to be given to pregnant women include Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Sinovac. Secretary General of POGI, Dr. Budi Wiweko, said that giving Sinovac vaccine to pregnant women is relatively safe. There are two underlying reasons, namely the results of tests on animals and the interim guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Regarding this Sinovac study, our concern is that the availability of vaccines in our country is Sinovac, and Sinopharm and Aztra-zeneca. So the data used. We also discussed with ITAGI and the POM that animal studies are the basis. In the interim guidance WHO stated that Sinovac is safe,” he said.

Called safe, because no harmful effects were found in studies on pregnant animals. One of them is that there is no effect of inhibiting fetal growth after the Sinovac vaccine is injected.

“There is no harmful effect in studies on pregnant animals. There is no effect on inhibiting fetal growth, there is no effect of congenital abnormalities and so on,” he said.

“This is a temporary guide for us, of course, what is written in the fact sheet by the POM Agency will soon be included in the Sinovac vaccine that its use in studies on pregnant animals shows safe data,” he added.

He continued, in the interim guidance of WHO, it was stated that so far vaccines derived from non-life viruses were safe to use in pregnant women. With minimal post-immunization co-occurrence (AEFI).

“The AEFI is almost non-existent. Our discussions with ITAGI are the same. Both the influenza vaccine and the TDAP vaccine. These two things are the basis for us to recommend the injection of Covid-19 vaccines, including Sinovac. Of course there are records, yes, counseling, under monitoring doctors and midwives, recorded, registered,” he said. (mdk / eko)


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