After the China-US Summit, Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi both broke the scandal. Expert: China’s diplomatic high-level infighting is fierce-New Head Shell

  1. After the China-U.S. summit, Yang Jiechi and Wang Yi both broke the scandal New head shell
  2. Hearing Yang Jiechi choking two words from the United States, Congressman Lan Kaohsiung shouted “It’s so cool” and asked Lu to be tolerant to look at both sides of the strait
  3. The Chinese Communist Party performed “Don’t Eat This Set”, the face-changing show netizens made a joke Epoch Times
  4. Only strength can succumb to China Yang Jiechi awakens the Americans with his words—Interpretation of the China-US Alaska Talks (Part 1) Yahoo News
  5. Seeing China’s choking on Xia Chunyong in the United States: This is what makes people happy
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