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After the Government agreed to the extension of the quarantine, it expanded the list of excepted productive activities

The Government continues adding items in the list of services considered essential during quarantine. This Tuesday included the notarial activity. Yesterday, Alberto Fernández announced that he was going to “Make flexible” the social, preventive and compulsory isolation, allowing the return to work of certain sectors due to the impact on the economy that the total unemployment is producing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the Administrative Decision 467/2020 published in the Official Gazette, the Executive Power stated that it is “incorporated” into the list of activities and services declared essential in the emergency of the “Notarial activity, when it is limited exclusively to enable the fulfillment of the activities and services that the aforementioned regulations or other that may in the future extend the list of essential activities and services must be granted, the notarial acts of the case only with the intervention of the indispensable people for it, avoiding all kinds of meetings “, he clarified.

Furthermore, the measure established that “All notary service requirements aimed at avoiding the transfer or circulation of people considered at risk by current regulations, made by the holders of a benefit from the Anses for the collection of retirement, pensions, Universal Child Allowance, Universal Pregnancy Allowance , Emergency Family Income or similar benefit that is issued in the future, will be granted free of charge. ”

“During the period of social, preventive and compulsory isolation, Professional Associations must strictly comply with the regulations, and must remain closed, without any face-to-face activity or attention to the public, and may only establish exceptional, minimum and restricted guards for the sole and sole purpose of enabling the formalization and legalization of the documents of the that accounts for this administrative decision, “added.

After the official announcement, the persons reached by the present administrative decision must process the Unique Enabling Certificate for Circulation-COVID-19.

Previously, in the Official Gazette that was published this Tuesday at dawn, energy infrastructure had also been excepted. “The reality of the implementation of isolation, social, preventive and compulsory has shown the need to incorporate private energy infrastructure work among the activities and essential services referred to,” was justified among the provisions of the regulations.

“We are not going to finish the quarantine, what we have to do is what kind of activities are we going to make more flexible”Alberto Fernández expressed this Monday, making it clear that there will be a second stage of mandatory isolation after April 12. “The worst thing that could happen is that with this idea of ​​some that we have to feed the economy, we end up making the Argentines sick,” he analyzed. Meanwhile, this afternoon the President met by teleconference with the governors to agree on how to continue starting next week.

With the support of the committee of specialists – made up of epidemiologists and infectious diseases – Alberto Fernández is determined to continue with the isolation. However, it aims to reach the weekend with the accession of the largest number of sectors of politics and the economy. The quarantine will continue with the same restrictions for the majority of society, but a few sectors will be enabled to return to the activity that is being analyzed by Casa Rosada along with businessmen and union leaders.

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