After the iPhone 12, presentation of the new Macs in November?

Apple has already presented new iPads and of new apple watch in the month of September. Then, recently, the firm also lifted the veil on its new iPhones, which are its first 5G smartphones, and on a new connected speaker.

But the year is not yet over and normally Apple will also present new Macs. 2020 is also an important year for Apple computers as it has finally started its transition from Intel processors to Apple Silicon processors designed by the company based on Arm technologies.

This transition should allow Apple to offer more efficient computers, but also more energy efficient. On the other hand, with Macs and iPhones using a common architecture, there will be more convergence between them. For example, Macs using Apple Silicon processors will be able to launch iOS apps as if they were native apps.

When announcing this transition at WWDC in June, Apple reported that the first computer using Apple Silicon processors will arrive this year. But for now, the apple brand has still not indicated when these devices will be unveiled.

A presentation in November?

It is possible that another event will be organized by Apple in November to lift the veil on its new Macs. In any case, this is what is suggested by a tweet from Jon Prosser, a source of “leaks” which is regularly relayed by the media.

Specifically, this source indicates that the new Macs will be unveiled on November 17th. And Apple could announce that date on November 10.

As for the first models that will use Apple Silicon processors, rumors are also circulating on this subject. A 13-inch MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air, but also a new version of the 12-chip MacBook are mentioned.

Media also suggests that the first MacBooks with Apple Silicon processors could use the A14X chip, which would be a modified version of the A14 chip which is used by the iPhone 12 and the new iPad Air. But of course, at the moment, these are just rumors. What is certain is that this year will be important for Macs.

While waiting for the presentation of the next Apple computers, the firm already offers a development kit to allow developers to prepare for the transaction. Using an iPad Pro chip, this kit already gives us an idea of ​​the power gain that MacBooks will benefit from thanks to Apple Silicon.

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