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After the release of Paschnik, “Wizards” added to the Ukrainian center

At the start of the season, Lane, 27, represented the Toronto Raptors, who scored 2.3 points in an average of 11 minutes in seven games and bounced 1.6 rebounds. This week, the Raptors decided to dismiss him.

Angle made his NBA debut in 2013 and represented the Phoenix “Dog” team for the first five seasons. The Ukrainian then played for the Atlanta Hawks for a year and a half, but last year he spent half a season with the Sacramento Kings team.

Angle has participated in the world’s strongest league in 474 regular championship games, scoring 7.9 points in an average of 20 minutes, winning 6.2 balls under baskets and blocking 1.0 throws.

The “Dog” team selected the Ukrainian center player in the 2013 draft with the high fifth number. Prior to that, he played for the University of Maryland team, but before going to the United States, he represented the “Dnipro” unit.

It has already been reported that the Wizards fired Pasachnik last weekend. The club has not announced the dismissal of the Latvian basketball player, but on Sunday he was placed on the NBA transaction list as a released player.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, six “Wizards” games have been canceled and basketball players have not been on the field for almost two weeks. The next game for the US capital team is scheduled for a field trip on Sunday against Bertan’s previously represented San Antonio “Spurs”.

With three victories in 11 games, the Wizards rank penultimate among the 15 Eastern Conference teams.

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