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After the riots in New Delhi, the putting in line of the judges

A famous magistrate was transferred when he demanded the opening of an investigation against elected Hindu nationalists with anti-Muslim hate speech.

Is Indian justice giving in under the weight of Hindu nationalism? The question is on everyone’s lips, after the riots which ignited several Muslim districts in the northeast of New Delhi, from February 23 to 28, leaving nearly 50 dead and more than 450 injured. Dramatic events which will remain in the annals of India amid the worst community clashes since independence, as well as the violence of December 1992, which had followed the destruction of the Babri mosque by Hindu extremists in Ayodhya, in the ‘Uttar Pradesh.

Wednesday, February 26, Srinivasan Muralidhar, a magistrate at the Delhi High Court, questions the laxity of the police and orders to open urgently a preliminary investigation into the hate speech uttered by certain leaders of the ruling party, the BJP, source of violence in the capital. The same evening, shortly before midnight, the judge was transferred to Chandigarh, the capital of Punjab and Haryana. The next day, another magistrate graciously granted the police four weeks to report on his actions.

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