Against Covid-19, artist Yayoi Kusama sends his message “Peace and Love” to the world

“My life is to say a point in the middle of millions of particles which are peas” So defined in 1975 Yayoi Kusama, a sort of multicolored priestess of art whose success has grown particularly in recent years. In 2012, the Center Pompidou, after the Tate Modern of London and the Museo Reina Sofia of Madrid in 2011, paid tribute to him with retrospectives with double reading, dapper in form and squeaky on the bottom, spectacular and extremely popular.

As the world folds, each in its own box, to face the epidemic, the artist of claustrophobia but also of Infinity Rooms marvelous where the lights multiply endlessly, responds in its own way. The queen of multicolored peas sends a 91-year-old message of peace and hope, a poem and the image of a painting, since her retirement from Japan, via her London gallery, Victoria Miro, and her gallery in New York, David Zwirner.

Strong personality of New York of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s, the young Yayoi Kusama posed naked on a blac horse, lying in her very explicit works, created incredible installations, sorts of seabed with strong sexual overtones. . Containment, she knows, since this star of the contemporary scene suffered from hallucinations and neuroses, from childhood, is now retired to the Seiwa Mental Hospital in Tokyo and says to cure his mental illness through art.

The wonder of infinite space recreated in a box of mirrors and flashing lights, the Infinity Rooms. Installation view, Yayoi Kusama: EVERY DAY I PRAY FOR LOVE, David Zwirner, New York, 2019 Courtesy David Zwirner Kerry mcfate

Praying For World Peace in the Sunlight, 2016, is typical of his late works, red dots on a white background, simpler, more graphic, almost more childlike. Yayoi Kusama said that when she was ten years old, a prisoner of an abusive mother and an adulterous and fleeing father, she saw, in strong hallucinations, “flashes of light, auras and dense fields of multicolored peas

The title of his shipment also recalls the mystical messages and other philosophical aphorisms that his compatriot and youngest daughter, Yoko Ono, Mrs John Lennon, 87, regularly posts on her Twitter account (4.7 million subscribers). “Be creative in your normal day and make yourself proud of yourself”, published on April 14, the one which is also often called “witch” (‘‘Be creative in your usual day and make yourself proud’’).

A few minutes later, another chromatic field. Installation view,
Yayoi Kusama: EVERY DAY I PRAY FOR LOVE, David Zwirner, New York, 2019 Courtesy David Zwirner
Kerry mcfate

Here it is, with an already eloquent title:

“A message from Yayoi Kusama to the whole world”

“As a glow just breaks through, I continue to pray for hope to shine completely / Its radiance lights our way / Now we are on the dark side of the world / The gods will be there to strengthen the hope that we have spread throughout the universe / For those we have left behind, the history of each person and that of their loved ones / It is time to seek a hymn of love for our souls / In the midst of this threat history, a short moment of bright spots towards the future / Let us joyfully sing the song of this splendid future / Let us go / Carried by a deep love and the efforts of all the peoples of the world / Now it is time to overcome this ordeal, to bring peace / We have come together for love and I hope to satisfy this desire / The time has come to fight and overcome unhappiness / To this COVID-19 that stands in our way / I say ” Disappear from the Earth ” / We will fight / We will fight this terrible monster / Now, it is time for all the peoples of the Earth to recover / My deep gratitude goes to those who are at the heart of the battle / Revolutionary of the world through art, Yayoi Kusama »

Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama. Installation view, Yayoi Kusama: EVERY DAY I PRAY FOR LOVE, David Zwirner, New York, 2019. Courtesy David Zwirner Courstesy David Zwirner


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