Agáta Prachařová surprised: She boasted of a photo of Prachar!

The Prachař family’s marriage definitely broke up last year, but the divorce proceedings are relatively lengthy. That’s why fans probably wouldn’t expect a photo of Jakub to appear on Agata’s profile. And it happened …

Many might think that Agáta Prachařová life chapter with Jakub Prachař she had already thrown her head, but for one specific reason she simply couldn’t do it. The famous couple has a little daughter together.

Just these days, Mia celebrated her third birthday and her mother surprised all her fans in connection with that. On her Instagram profile, she shared several photos of her daughter with the comment: “There is nothing more.”

The pictures also included Prachař, whom the camera captures while holding the then newborn daughter in his arms. The model and presenter therefore tries to show that at least as a family they continue to function.

Otherwise, it is no secret that their marriage is irreversibly leading to divorce. Prachařová some time ago claimed that only certain formalities needed to be solved, then it should really happen.

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