Agnieszka Kaczorowska, half-naked. The husband of the dancer and actress is called lucky. it is true

Agnieszka Kaczorowska surprised her fans by publishing exceptionally bold photos online. She had never exposed her body so boldly before. Meanwhile, in the photos shared on social media, she is half-naked. In an extensive post published under the bold pictures, Kaczorowska-Pela explained why she decided to take such bold photos – reports rfmfm.

The actress and dancer admitted that years ago she received a session proposal for “Playboy”. At that time, however, she did not decide on it.

– Photos that I did not think I would take one day … And the more that I will publish. Many years ago I had a session proposal for “Playboy”. The first time I didn’t feel well enough in my body to take such bold photos. The offer kept coming back, and when I was older, I thought how my image would benefit or suffer. I found it too early. I didn’t want to be known for my strip session. I said: “maybe someday,” she confessed


Kaczorowska-Pela finally felt ready to reveal her body in front of the camera lens, which resulted in the photos she published.

– I felt ready to take such beautiful, feminine photos. At first I thought it was for myself, because I feel feminine and sexy like never before. And when I saw how it turned out, I decided that I wanted to show them, because why not … I am a happy wife, mother and woman – she wrote. – The body is just a body. (…) My body will change and I hope to look at it with love forever. Until the end of my days. Even if it is wrinkled, who knows, maybe bigger, definitely different … But it will be mine. Beautiful and lovely. Carrying my soul


Soon there were tons of comments underneath. Among them – the one from Agnieszka’s husband.

My … I am lucky – wrote Maciej Pela, delighted.

Yours – Kaczorowska-Pela in love replied.


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