Agreement between deputies and senators on the state of health emergency

The text, which extends the state of health emergency until July 10, must now be validated today Saturday, May 9 by the Senate and the Assembly, whose vote will be worth final adoption.

The deputies and the senators found a compromise on the penal responsibility of the public decision-makers as private, brought to take measures to allow the exit of confinement. The Senate had voted at the beginning of the week a device to adjust this responsibility, by invoking in particular the concerns of certain mayors, who fear being implicated in the event of transmission of the coronavirus during the reopening of the schools from Monday.

An amendment to the public health code

But the Assembly had unraveled this device, recalling that this question was already taken into account in the Fauchon law. The new version of the Assembly was contested by the opposition, who saw it as a way of “Disempower” the government, in the event of procedures on its management of the crisis. And each side accused each other of organizing a form of“impunity”.

Finally, the compromise proposes an amendment to the public health code to take account of “Skills, powers and means” available “The perpetrator”, in “The crisis situation which justified the state of health emergency”.

Data that will only be kept for 3 months

Deputies and senators also agreed on the other sensitive point of the text: the establishment of a follow-up of patients with coronavirus thanks to a “information system”, a follow-up file linked to Health Insurance.

The parliamentarians limited the backup of the data in this file to 3 months, different from the Inria StopCovid application project, about which questions of anonymity arise in particular. It is a population tracking system, by means of a very short distance exchange of information by radio waves, which is still in the testing phase.

The president of the LR group in the National Assembly Damien Abad estimated that “Two red lines have been lifted”, and announced that his group would vote the text thus modified in the day of Saturday.

For their part, PS deputies and senators indicate that they will vote against, “Even if there is progress”: “Our main criticism is that there is nothing in the text on social emergency”.

The bill extending the state of health emergency also provides for the possibility of quarantine or isolation upon arrival on national territory in certain cases.

President Emmanuel Macron has already announced that he will seize the Constitutional Council to verify the legality of the text, while the oppositions have expressed their concerns.

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