Ahmed Ezz: It is a shame that I say “Number One” in the presence of Adel Imam, Al-Fakhrani and Al-Saqqa

The artist, Ahmed Ezz, said that the presentation of the Al-Arif movie was good, and I hope that our work needs outside the box, and I hope that we will go back again to before Corona, and the effort that was made in the film was clear to people.

He added, during a telephone interview with a program taking place in Egypt with the media, Sherif Amer: The idea that I am making a film and its technical level is less, this is completely out of the question, and he was provoked by the idea that Khawaja’s film must be better, they work with the same stomach that we work with, but the issue is a matter of organization. .

And he continued, “Title number one does not buy anyone, and the history of the artist in the end is what he evaluates, and I saw the great people in a time when no one among them said that he was Number One and I slept with the generation of Ahmed Zaki and the artist Nour Al Sharif, and Nour Al Sharif insisted that my name is written before his name in a film imprisoned transit with I was rejecting, and it is shameful that I say that I am a number and that in the presence of Adel Imam, Al-Fakhrani, Karim Abdel Aziz, Henedy and Al-Sakka… Let the audience say, OK, Professor Adel Imam says what is left?!

The artist Ahmed Ezz told Youm7 TV that he is very happy to work with director Ahmed Alaa and all his colleagues and that he hopes that the film will achieve great success and that the thing that attracted him in the film is that it is action, in addition to that his idea is new because he talks about cultural invasion, stressing that wars did not It is a tank and a plane, but there are more advanced wars that are used around us without appearing to be hidden.

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