Air Force drone crashes in Beja and is already the second since September

At the beginning of September, a drone from the Portuguese Air Force dropped down in Alcácer do Sal. Now, just over a month later, another Air Force drone crashed in the Beja area.

The drone was conducting a test flight when it crashed in the Alentejo city, but without causing damage.

Air Force drone crashed in Beja

A drone from the Portuguese Air Force (FAP) crashed this Thursday in Beja, while carrying out test flights. The equipment was operating from the base of the Alentejo city when it fell but without causing damage. According to the Air Force, the drone underwent a “forced landing” and flights were suspended.

THE Daily News had access to a flight log, where it indicates that the drone left the base of Beja and started to lose altitude at about 23 kilometers, already close to the EN2, west of the Odivelas dam. It all happened this Thursday, October 15th, at 3:30 pm.

Drone OGASSA VTOL of the Portuguese Air Force

An official FAP source explained to DN that:

An unmanned aircraft on a training mission and operating from Air Base No. 11 in Beja, this afternoon made a forced landing near the Odivelas Dam, without putting the population or housing at risk.

This flight, inserted in the certification flights and validation of the operational requirements of the UAS of fixed wing configuration, had as objectives to test the precision parameters of the navigation system and to carry out a test to the aircraft's endurance. In the course of the same, there was a failure in the propulsion system, which led to the interruption of the mission, requiring the identification of an uninhabited area to effect the forced landing.

The circumstances in which this occurred are under investigation by the Air Force Central Investigation Commission (COCINV) and the operations of these suspended aircraft.

Drone cost about 375 thousand euros

This was one of the 12 VTOL drones (vertical take-off and landing, or vertical take-off and landing) that FAP bought for 4.5 million euros for forest surveillance, particularly in the most critical period of fires. All told, each of these drones cost about 375 thousand euros.

We recall that of the total, only 4 of these drones were operational, due to 'technical difficulties'. The particularity of these Air Force equipment is that they are able to lift and land vertically.

Also the Portuguese Navy bought recently a model of these drones, for 858 thousand euros, but that doesn't work.

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