Airbus completes paint job: Uganda Airlines shows its colorful A330 Neo

The first Airbus A330-800 of the African airline has rolled out of the paint shop. It is at least partially unusually colorful.

While people in European latitudes usually dress in subtle colors, fashion in Africa is often more colorful, many fabrics also have beautiful patterns. This sometimes seems to apply to aircraft as well. On Friday the first Airbus A330 Neo rolled out of the paint shop from Uganda. And the sight of it is, at least as far as the rear is concerned, a festival of colors.

The tail unit is in the Ugandan national colors black, red and yellow. They are pulled downwards, swinging over the trunk. In the middle, as on the national flag, is the South African Crowned Crane. However, like so many other airlines, Uganda Airlines is also up front. There they come Uganda Airlines fliers in Eurowhite therefore.

So far only four Bombardier planes

Uganda Airlines started in August 2019. The regional fleet currently consists of four Bombardier CRJ 900s. The airline has ordered two Airbus A330-800s for long-haul routes. This makes it one of the few customers of the smaller version of the A330 Neo. So far, Airbus has only sold 14 of them.

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