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Airbus plans new jobs in Hamburg

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In Finkenwerder, Airbus is mainly concerned about the weak demand for the giant jet A380.

The Hamburg-based location of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus can hope despite the production cuts in the Group on new jobs: “In Hamburg, we want to create about 600 jobs this year,” announced the head of staff of Airbus in Germany, Marco Wagner, in the “Hamburger Abendblatt”. Fears that even jobs in the Hanseatic city could fall prey to the pressure on the company for the time being do not appear to be confirmed for the time being. In all German plants in 2018 about 1,400 attitudes are planned.

Airbus had announced in March staff cuts

At the beginning of March, after consultations with management from the works council, that in addition to Bremen and Stade, Hamburg would also be affected by a group-wide job reduction in northern Germany , Airbus is contemplating the reduction of up to 3,700 jobs in the Federal Republic and three other countries. The military transporter A400M also causes problems for the European aerospace company.

Wagner explained that Hamburg had already redistributed tasks in the course of the year 2017. “All employees have found new jobs on Finkenwerder,” the manager told the “Abendblatt”. Many employees were accommodated in the A320 program, for example.

The door of an A380 is mounted on Airbus.  © dpa Photographer: Abaca Bernard Patrick

Airbus: 600 new jobs in Hamburg

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Because of production cuts was the last of a reduction in staff at the aircraft manufacturer Airbus the speech. In the Hamburg plant but apparently 600 jobs are added.

400 temporary workers receive permanent jobs

In Finkenwerder Airbus makes especially the weak demand for the giant jet and longtime hopefuls A380 create. While 200 new jobs are to be added there, according to Wagner, former temporary workers receive another 400 permanent jobs.

Further information

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