AirPods get updated, with lots of new features

Apple has just deployed the new firmware of AirPods and AirPods Pro, with plenty of interesting new features as a result … such as the much-vaunted spatiality function during the last WWDC.

Numbered 3A283, this new firmware replaces versions 2D15 of AirPods 2 and 2D27 of AirPods Pro. By extension, it will be impossible to enjoy it on the first generation of AirPods. Only the two most recent pairs of headphones were selected by Apple.

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On your side, you will have absolutely nothing to do. The firmware will automatically install on the headphones without any intervention on your part.

AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro update

As indicated, the new features are numerous, but the most important of all remains the arrival of the spatial audio function.

This function is far from being a simple gadget. It was designed to allow Apple headphones to offer better spatialization. Once activated, AirPods Pro will be able to fix sounds in a given direction. When the user moves his head, the sound will therefore remain “placed” in the same position. Through this function, Apple wishes to offer more immersion to its users.

This is of course a technical feat, a feat based mainly on directional audio filters and dynamic tracking of head movements. Monitoring made possible thanks to the sensors on board the headphones.

Be careful, however, because the function must be activated. And to find out if it is present in your home, you just have to go to the control center and look for its button.

The spatialization function finally available

This is of course not the only novelty brought by this update and this new firmware will also facilitate the switch between several devices.

If the AirPods are paired with an iPhone and an iPad, for example, and you start watching a video on the first one before switching to the second, well the headphones will follow you and they’ll automatically disconnect from the iPhone for connect to the iPad. And of course, it works with the entire Apple galaxy, and especially with Macs.

In short, a lot of welcome novelties, and which will allow us to quietly prepare our evening. It is indeed today that takes place the back-to-school Apple Keynote.


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