AirPods Pro are $ 190, but dropping to $ 169 soon

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Walmart Black Friday sale announcement.


AirPods are the wireless headphones of choice for Apple users, and Black Friday sales have been delivered in both the regulars and the Pros. Looking to buy AirPod headphones this year, for yourself or as a holiday gift? We have selected some of the best AirPod deals for you or for a gift for that special someone this year.

For a limited time and while supplies last, Woot has the AirPods Pro for $ 190, the lowest price recorded.

The real headliner, however, is the AirPods Pro will drop to $ 169 at Walmart starting November 25. Which beats the lowest price we’ve seen at $ 21, and is better than the Apple Store price by a whopping $ 80. Meanwhile, the standard AirPods dropped to an all-time low of $ 99 at Amazon, Costco and Walmart, but they’re back at $ 129. That’s still $ 30 less than the full price at the Apple Store.

AirPods 2020 prices

Model Apple Store Price Best price right now Best price (all time)

AirPods Pro

$ 249

$ 190

$ 190 ($ 169 soon)


$ 159

$ 129

$ 99

AirPods with wireless charging case

$ 199

$ 160

$ 140

Our advice? Look for the AirPods Pro at $ 190 or less, and the standard AirPods at $ 100 or less. If they’re not at those prices now, wait for those offers to return.

Offers and deals on Black Friday 2020

Sarah Tew / CNET

The AirPods Pro briefly dropped to $ 190 during Prime Day sales at Woot, but were instantly sold out. That deal is back today (Nov 18), and otherwise they’ve been selling between $ 195 and $ 200 on Amazon and other retailers since mid-October. But savvy shoppers will hold out until November 25, when Walmart will sell them for $ 169 (and hopefully trigger a new price war).

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Walmart entered the Black Friday sale game strongly by slashing AirPods to $ 99, the lowest price ever. That was matched by Amazon and (with membership) in Costco Y sam’s club. The deal has expired for now, but we expect it to return later in the season.

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Sarah Tew / CNET

Personally, I would get the cheapest AirPods or AirPods Pro. But if you’re really a fan of wireless charging, you should know that you can get the standard AirPods with a wireless charging case for $ 160, which is a $ 39 savings compared. with the Apple Store price.

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