Airpods Studio: the officialization of the Apple headphones postponed to March 2021

Apple’s first headset, the Airpods Studio, could experience a very big delay if this new leak is to be believed.

Apple a, 6 years after the purchase of Beats by Dr Dre headphones, finally decided to start producing in-house headphones. A news that has excited all fans of the brand, and created real expectations. But if several leaks have allowed us in recent months to discover this helmet, the officialization is long overdue, even though the last manufacturer’s keynote took place at the start of the week. What if after Airpods Pro, you wanted to treat yourself to this Airpods Studio, it seems that you will have to arm yourself with patience, its formalization having been postponed for several months!

Indeed, if we are to believe Jon Prosser, a very cutting edge leaker when it comes to Apple leaks, the Cupertino company would have postponed the release date of its headphones to the very distant date of Tuesday March 16, 2021 ! As a reminder, the staggered release of the Airpods Studio would be due to a major production and finalization problem according to the same specialist, which would have forced Apple to rework several points on this headset. It remains to be seen whether the hype will continue to gain momentum despite this very large delay, a second backlash for the Apple brand after the delayed officialization of its iPhone 12.

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