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Akim Aliu wonders if racism is involved

Over the years, we start to see a trend emerging from Nazem Kadri, who seems to go with rather devious gestures every time he’s in the playoffs.

This time around, it was a check to the head of Justin Faulk that caused a lot of talk. After being fined, the NHL decided to suspend Kadri, and not just a little, as the Avalanche forward will have to miss a total of eight games.

Obviously, it’s a very long suspension. In the playoffs, eight games is an eternity. Some will explain the duration of the sanction by the history of the attacker, and that is defended.

However, this argument is not unanimous. Among those who believe there are other motives is Akim Aliu, who is heavily involved in the Alliance for Diversity in Hockey. Aliu wonders in particular if racism is not involved in the duration of the suspension.

Aliu doesn’t say he wouldn’t have punished Kadri, far from it. However, according to him, we have seen players (including repeat offenders) receive much less suspension for similar actions. He therefore assumes that the color of the Avalanche striker’s skin played a role in the sanction awarded.

Obviously, we quickly think of Tom Wilson, who was not even suspended for his actions against the Rangers and only had to pay a derisory fine.

On that, I agree: it seems to me that something is wrong.

However, is this necessarily racism? I get his point, but Kadri is a notorious playoff repeat offender. In my opinion, it was mainly on that basis that the NHL awarded the suspension to Kadri.

What do you think?

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