Akwasi about not making an apology. Dam statements: ‘Had to come to myself’ | NOW

Akwasi waited a long time to apologize for his statements on Dam Square because he “needed time to recover,” he said in an interview with Humberto Tan on Friday. NPO Radio 1.

The rapper was discredited when he called for violence against Zwarte Piet in June during a Black Lives Matter demonstration on Dam Square. “The moment I see a Zwarte Piet in November, I personally kick his face”, he chanted at the time.

The 32-year-old finds it difficult to look back at that moment. “It has been a moment of excitement in which I have been very frustrated. I had never said it and I felt it. But how do you disprove that? I had to really think about it. It still really affects me. heart. It has been a tough period. “

After his rulings on Dam Square, dozens of complaints followed, but Akwasi initially refused to take back his statements. “I support every word I amplified into the microphone at that time. 100 percent,” he said a week later. Beau.

In August, he returned to the statements by means of an extensive statement. Shortly afterwards, the Public Prosecution announced that it would not prosecute Akwasi, despite his statements being labeled as punishable. This is because Akwasi apologized in the statement and took back the statements.

According to Akwasi, it took so long for that statement to come, because he had to think about it first. “It was a whirlwind and I really had to take the time to come to myself to come up with that statement.”

Procedure instituted

There is currently a so-called article 12 procedure against the Public Prosecution Service, because they decided not to prosecute Akwasi. A group of 44 people wants to use this to force the Public Prosecution Service to prosecute.

In addition, the OM is still investigating a series of old ones tweets van Akwasi from 2011 and 2012. In it the rapper wrote, among other things: “Is someone going to pop a Zwarte Piet or should I do it?” Shortly after it surfaced, Akwasi deleted his Twitter account.


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