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Al-Ahly catches the eye and tastes “Premier League”.

Saudi Arabia Al-Ahly (Twitter Club)

Saturday 12 August 2023 / 14:13

The performance of the new contract concluded by Al-Ahly varies between Roberto Firmino “the insane” and Edouard Mendy’s mistake, which almost cost the team the return to the Light League a lot, but it achieved what was required by its 3-1 victory over it. Al-Hazm at the start of the Saudi Professional Football League.

Al-Ahly used its full arsenal against Al-Hazm, who also returned to the Light League, relying on Edouard Mendy in goalkeeper, Roger Ibanez in defense, Frank Casey in midfield, in addition to the fiery attacking line consisting of Riyad . Mahrez, Alain Saint-Maximin and Firmino.

Although Al-Hazm coach Philip Gouveia did not name a specific person when he said after the match that “the efficiency of the performance of the Al-Ahly players is what made the difference in the end,” the international media lavished praise on Firmino, as the former Liverpool player scored three goals, in addition to another goal that was disallowed by the referee due to offside.
The Portuguese newspaper, Abula, said: “Infernal Firmino in front of Al-Hazm, led by Philippe Gouveia,” noting that the 31-year-old player “destroyed” the visiting team, scoring twice in the first ten minutes.
While the Spanish newspaper AS emphasizes that Firmino made a “dream start” in his first official match with the Saudi team, noting that he is “warning” the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the star of Al-Nasr, and the French Karim Benzema , there. Al-Ittihad player, referring to the race for the title of the top scorer in the competition that has attracted many stars.
But it wasn’t just Firmino who shone against Al-Hazm, as Algerian former Manchester City player Riyad Mahrez put in a great performance and set up the second goal with a low cross that put Firmino in front. empty goal.
And about this duo, AS newspaper said that it “promises beautiful goals for Al-Ahly.”
Mahrez was not satisfied with the role of playmaker and came close to scoring at the end of the first half, but his attempt from close range hit the crossbar, while the referee considered that the Algerian star was offside before it came from there. 66th minute.
Returning to Saint-Maximin, the former Newcastle player, the third side of Al-Ahly’s offensive line, was no less than his two colleagues, because he led many counterattacks and contributed to the first goal and assisted the third goal.
Saint-Maximin passed the ball to Ali Majrashi, who played a cross that Firmino took advantage of to score the first goal in the sixth minute, he also led the counterattack from the second goal, as he passed the ball to Mahrez. which in turn he gave to the Brazilian captain.
And after the mistake made by the former Chelsea player Mendy, in passing the ball to Vinicius Sousa, the player of Al-Hazm, who did not hesitate to play the ball on the keeper advancing to the net, Saint-Maximin played a cross from Firmino. scored his third goal.
The main characteristic of Al-Ahly’s goal is that it came from quick movements, which reflects a clear imprint of coach Matthias Yaisle, who was famous for his quick style of play with Salzburg, succeeding in his first test with the team he took charge at the end of last month.
The German coach said in a press conference after the match: “I am very delighted to work with the current technical staff. There was not enough time to prepare the team, and this is my ninth day at the head of the technical staff. “
He continued, “The performance was very positive, and we are waiting for more to come.”

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