Alain Delon: a palm of honor "not illegitimate"

"Nothing is made more pleasure than this palm of honor. " A few days before the awarding of a prize that scandalizes in advance some netizens, Alain Delon seems to have made the idea to be rewarded by the Cannes Film Festival, institution with which he had once had a tumultuous relationship. Near Nice morning, the actor returns "without false modesty ", Or even modesty at all, about his long career on the verge of being crowned despite a petition that castigates his claimed machismo.

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"It's Delon who scrolls, it is no fun »

Prestigious settlement of half a century of cinema, the palm of honor will be received willingly by the interested party. "Nothing gives me more pleasure than this honor, because if there's one thing I can really be proud of in my life, it's my career, even though I've stopped filming time. This is not an illegitimate thing, because I made an unthinkable career. I started in 1957, I shot with incredible people who gave me everything given: Visconti, Melville, Clement, Losey I owe them everything, I am only an interpreter. They are the ones who made me, who created me. "

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Hailed for all of his work, the one that was originally to appear on the poster of the Cannes Film Festival (who upset his plans to pay homage to Agnès Varda) will undoubtedly be one of the attractions of the 72nd Festival de Cannes. And Alain Delon is aware of it: "Me, I feel star everywhere, I would say. In France, cis special, of course, but also in China, Japan, all over the world. Cannes is special because it's true that we know why we are here. Since I'm not quite stupid, if I was not not what I am, what I did, if I were just a stooge, I would be uncomfortable. But here, I know that it is Delon who scrolls, it is no fun … Tuesday, it will be very beautiful with the projection of "Mr. Klein", and then two-three words on stage, with the handing over of the palm. "

" Alain Delon has the right to think what he thinks »

Supported by the organization of the Festival, Alain Delon should not be too affected by the controversy born of the launch of a petition a few days before the award of the palm of honor. The general delegate Thierry Fremaux said that "Alain Delon has the right to think what he thinks" and he considers "complicated to judge with the glasses of today things that happened and say a few years ago". Thierry Frémaux anticipates hint his project of a great tribute to Brigitte Bardot at a future edition of the festival, which would not fail to stir the anger of many associations.

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Unsurprisingly, Bardot, Delon respects her "above all else". "It's the only one that survives thanks to the animals," he explains, "and she suffers martyrdom when she sees that the man is killing all the species, it's scary. I signed a manifesto for the preservation of the planet, because I have the impression that everyone does not care. We feel we are going towards the end of the world when we see everything that happens, storms, natural disasters, it does not go wrong. I will be dead soon, or before the end of the world. But I have children, friends … Oh, they are brave, the men! "

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Soon on the boards, Alain Delon does not exclude a return on big screen ; a last stroke of brilliance if the heart tells him. "If tomorrow I read something, and I exclaim: "Oh, whore !" clack! I the do! If this is the story I expected, anything, a killer, an assassin, a nice guy, a priest … I the do! But I'm a world champion and, like the boxers I staged a few years ago, what I do not want is the fight too much. "

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