Alain Delon, the feminist boycott takes the Palm


Mauricio Wiesenthal told (and tells, that literature is always present) that the girls in bloom that pursued in the Paris of the 60 were divided into two almost antagonistic factions: those who read Sartre and those who opted for Camus. The first theorized at length about sex and fought religion and morals, but at the moment of truth they could not undress without qualms; unlike the second, vital and vitalist without cheating or cardboard, without the hindrance of the hypocrite vademecum of the gafapasta, of the presentialism of baratillo. It would be unfair to draw a perfect parallel with the Jean-Paul Belmondo-Alain Delon dichotomy, but there is something of that. Like Camus and Sartre in the books, the most handsome ugly in the world (or vice versa) and the most enigmatic apolo of the screen disputed the box office and the affections of the public in those same years 60. Both emerged at the same time in 1959: Belmondo with «At the end of the break»; Delon with "A full sun". In the hand of Godard, the first, with that sardonic smile hidden behind his thick lips, was the emblem of Goliathic, non-conformist but also cynical France; the second found in Italy a springboard for his versatility and in the following years he was more than just a beautiful face. In general, a blue-eyed mystery, chameleonic homicidal in "A plena sol", austere samurai in "The Silence of a Man." In 2011, the Cannes Festival broke the deck and awarded Belmondo with his Palm of Honor, the always friendly Belmondo. Now, rebalance the balance by paying tribute to Delon. Of course, of course, but such a risky move that it is hard to believe that a festival that is so good at times has thrown itself into the pool. There is only something more bulky than his filmography: the list of his lovers. And his relationship with women has always been talked about. From his strange story with Romy Schneider to these days of the #MeToo in which many do not forgive this kind of thing: «It is for the women that I wanted to be the greatest», «in my youth I was harassed by some women» .. But the most tricky thing was this recent confession: "If giving a slap is male, yes, I've been a male." His youngest son also accused him of breaking his mother's ribs, something that Delon denies. What he does not hide is his position on homosexuality ("Va contra natura") and his friendship with Jean-Marie Le Pen. Yesterday, Thierry Fremáux, director of Cannes, had to point out the obvious: "We rewarded him for his career as an actor, we do not give him the Nobel Peace Prize." What has been said, it is hard to believe that they have not backed out. In fact, a US feminist organization has already asked to withdraw the award for "racist, macho and homophobic." It remains to be seen if he can receive the Palm in peace.

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