Alba Menéndez renews for another year with the Bera Bera

The captain of the Super Amara Bera Bera, Alba Menéndez, confirmed yesterday that she will continue for another year, which will mark her eleventh season in the first team, with which she debuted at 17 and where she has scored more than 500 goals.

The zarauztarra lateral becomes in this way the third Guipuzcoan confirmed for the next season, along with the extreme lezotarra Maitane Etxeberria and the central usurbildarra Esther Arrojeria, who have a contract in force, as well as the Catalan end Sara Gil, who He joined the ranks of Bidebieta's team in December.

The rest of confirmed names are those of the goals Castellanos and Renata Lais Arruda, the central Arderíus, the pivot Nekane Terés, as well as the two signings coming from the Valladolid Classroom, María Prieto O'Mullony (central) and Eli Cesáreo (pivot) and Emma Boada (central) of Rincon Fertilidad Málaga. The chapter of confirmed casualties is made up to date by the Argentine Elke Karsten, the Catalan pivot Judith Sans and the Guipuzcoans Nora Azurmendi, Uxue Ezkurdia and Estitxu Berasategi. The future of several of the current players remains to be cleared.

«It was easy»

Accompanied by the handball manager of the club, Tati Garmendia, Menéndez expressed her satisfaction to remain in the team. "I'm at home, I have not had any doubts and it's been easy," he said. «Being here motivates you and excites you. It makes me want to continue, "he added. Garmendia was delighted. "It is a benchmark at the professional level and at the level of Gipuzkoa," he said.

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