Albania cancels its local elections for the "political tensions" that the country suffers


The Albanian president, Ilir Meta, announced this Saturday shortly before the protests began in the capital, which had decided to cancel the local elections on June 30, since the political situation after four months of protests " it would allow the holding of fair elections "and has blamed this crisis for undermining" all the possibilities of initiating accession talks with the European Union ".

Thousands of supporters of the opposition parties of Albania have taken to the streets, one more Saturday, in a violent demonstration in which the opposition has fired flares at the Police, which, in turn, has responded with tear gas, to demand that they be held a fair and anticipated elections and ask the country's prime minister, Edi Rama, to resign.

Four months after the protests began, the protesters were delighted when the opposition leader and president of the Democratic Party of Albania, Lulzim Basha, said that the local elections of June 30 had been canceled by presidential decree.

"Our battle will continue until the resignation of Edi Rama," said Basha, closing his eighth national meeting held since February, when led by his political background, 65 deputies from seven opposition parties resigned and joined the protest .

Rama came to power in the 2013 elections and won reelection four years later. In principle, the next parliamentary elections are scheduled for 2021, although the Socialists would have to pass before the test of local elections this June that have been canceled.

Despite attempts by the European Union and the United States to encourage both sides to enter into talks to overcome this stalemate, the two sides have remained firm in their positions and have not reached any agreement.

The European Union has been delaying the talks for the accession of Albania due, among other things, to the persistent political instability, the lack of reforms and the weak rule of law, which is reflected in the quality of the elections. However, the Commission has urged the European Council to start the accession talks of Albania and Northern Macedonia when it meets later this month.



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