Albert Rivera asks for San Isidro to end with "the extreme chaos" of Manuela Carmena

One more year, Albert Rivera has visited the Prairie of San Isidro to celebrate the patron saint of Madrid and this time has come to it with one wish: Begoña Villacís is the next mayor of the capital and ends with the «extreme chaos» of Manuela Carmena.

After announcing the candidate of Citizens (Cs) who will be a mother by caesarean section this Friday, Rivera wanted to congratulate all the people of Madrid and, especially, the farmers who today celebrate their day. Without a chulapo suit – only the liberal candidate to preside over the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has dressed for the occasion – Rivera recalled his visit yesterday to Ávila and has broken a spear in favor of rural Spain and "Spain emptied »

He followed the liberal leader and his entourage a large group of onlookers that at times prevented the progress of the liberals.

Moment of tension
In the case of Cs there has been a tense moment when Rivera and his companions danced a chotis. Members of the Platform of Affected by the Mortgage received them with beeps and cries of "shame", while others from Madrid answered them with the word "brave".

A police vehicle has approached the place to prevent a major altercation occurred and Rivera has left the premises by car greeting the police officer. Radicals with PAH posters have followed Rivera until he has left and then dispersed.

In statements to the media, Rivera has harshly charged against the "four years of populist disaster of the party of Carmena, Iglesias and Errejón."

Recovering the episode of the escape of Íñigo Errejón de Podemos to participate in the autonomic under the same acronym as the current mayor of Madrid, Rivera has ironized: «Carmena, Iglesias and Errejón. All of them together and scrambled ».

As an alternative, the Liberal President has claimed the vote on May 26 to Aguado in the Community and Villacís in Madrid, to achieve "freedom, economy and employment and the welfare of families," and put an end to the "gibberish of churches and Carmena ».

"Sánchez and Iglesias are going to put their hand in your pocket with a fiscal saber. If we are not going to vote, the gibberish will follow, "he warned. One of the obsessions of Cs in these European, regional and municipal elections is to repeat the high participation of the generals because they believe that the mobilization of the electorate benefits them.

The Community of Madrid is also one of the places where they feel stronger. In general gave the "sorpasso" to the PP and trust to do the same now, both in the autonomy and the Madrid capital. The assault on Madrid is key so that the speech of Rivera, who calls himself "leader of the opposition", gains credibility.

Decision of the Office of the Prosecutor
In his particular game of chess against TV3, Rivera today applauded the request of the Prosecutor's Office to investigate by criminal organization the dome of TV3 and Catalunya Ràdio.

«I said that TV3 manipulated every day and I still think that it manipulates every day. The director of TV3 has sued me when the lawsuit is against him for participating in a coup d'état, "he summarized. . (tagsToTranslate) rivera

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