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Alberto Fernández on the coronavirus: “We are with a problem but we can control and manage it”

As part of the spread of the coronavirus in Argentina, President Alberto Fernández declared: “We have a problem, but we can control and manage it.”

In dialogue with Viviana Canosa, by Channel 9, the Head of State also referred to measles and dengue, and said they are issues that “we had planned.” Promptly on COVID-19, he declared: “Coronavirus is a more severe kind of flu, if it is controlled in time the mortality rates are very low; The cases we have here are from people who got sick abroad. It is very important that we all be attentive to the symptoms, ”he recommended.

“We are controlling the situation, what we expected to happen is happening,” he said although he said “we thought it would take longer” because “it is a virus that kills the heat and we are in the middle of summer.” “If it is treated on time it is not a problem”, Fernandez insisted.

The President clarified that “it is an issue that must be taken seriously”, although he asked society “not to be alarmed.” In this regard, he announced that he informed the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, start making “a daily part” about the coronavirus. “We are with a problem but we can control and manage it”, said.

Days ago, the former president Mauricio Macri compared the coronavirus with populism. In this regard, Fernández stated: “All Argentines have felt shame, everyone feels that it is a joke, a joke, can not be talking seriously. The distance from reality is tremendous, it is like someone who does not realize what he did, it is bad in front of people, ”he criticized his predecessor.

Anyway, he questioned the escrache that Macri suffered on a plane days ago: “It’s not a good method, it’s not the logic of a country that wants to get ahead” “I have been very critical of Macri, surely more than the one on the plane, but it is not good, it was also in a closed place, it had no escape ”Fernandez added.

Alberto Fernández also referred to the conflict with the countryside due to the increase in retentions: “One might think that it is violent to make a four-day strike to benefit soy producers”, criticized and remembered that “In 125 nobody won”. “Now we did the opposite of what was done with the 125, we comply with a law, we are affecting in three points of a single crop of the 25 that occur … I wonder, What are we defending with this strike ?, we are defending the big producers “he asked and answered sarcastically. “I hope you understand why we also need the field,” he added.

“We all have to make an effort because there are people who need it, who are having a really bad time. What I am asking is to help sustain, for example, the plan against hunger, ”he justified and reloaded against the field: “They are conditioned by a group that call themselves self-called and who are big producers disguised as farmers, there is no explanation”. “When the Economic Emergency was approved, it was proposed to reduce the withholdings, raise three points for soybean producers but taking care of small farmers,” he supported the Government’s position.

The relationship with Justice

Alberto Fernández considered that “in all these years Justice has built cases, manipulated witnesses, and held people who did not have to have been detained. ” In that sense, he expressed the need for “Worthy, honest, honest judges.” “Justice has to do with objective and technical criteria, we need good justice, nothing more,” Fernandez said.

Regarding the relationship with his Government, he requested: “Let the judges do what they have to do, but be worthy.” Asked about Cristina Kirchner’s position on this issue, the President stated that “Cristina has been a victim of that bad justice and is a victim even today”. “In the campaign I gave names (of judges) and they got angry, but I didn’t want to involve all justice because it is unfair, justice is full of probos and worthy judges,” he said.

The Head of State analyzed that during the democracy “attention has been paid” to the Executive Power and the Legislative, but never “to the judicial institution”. “The judges friends of power are in a market, and the one who buys in the market has them as judges; the power changes hands and those judges are at the service of the power of the day “, he said and was blunt: “With me that is over, I have seen many people suffer with unfair detentions.”

Consulted on Miracle Salta, Fernández declared: “That the Supreme Court of the Nation review the case would give us peace of mind, we have many doubts about how these processes worked in Jujuy.”

Negotiation with the International Monetary Fund

“We are discussing the fine print, which must be taken very carefully, is to try to understand what Argentina needs for the debt to be sustainable,” Fernandez said. “The economy fell last year, and this year is likely to fall as well, and we must see if with this crisis the situation does not deepen more”, draft. “To be able to pay, we must first generate conditions of growth and development in order to have those dollars, do not expect us to pay with the sacrifice of those who have less, that is what the previous government did,” he insisted.

“Enabling a law on free abortion does not mean that anyone is obliged to do so, those who are very Christian and believe that life begins at conception is very good and may not have an abortion ”, the president said about the project that he announced he would send to Congress. “Nobody is obliged to do it, but there is also another reality: there are women who end up with very serious injuries for having clandestine abortions. This happens and we have to solve it,” said Fernández.

Retirement of privilege

Regarding the Government’s project that aims to modify the privilege retirement of staff of the Judiciary and the Foreign Service, the President questioned whether the opposition speaks of an emptying of justice: “He who retires, privileges his pocket and that is legitimate, but do not tell me that I am emptying justice. What I am doing is correcting an inequality situation. They can stay and continue doing their work, ”Fernandez added in relation to the initiative that already has a half-sanction of Deputies and hopes it will be approved next Thursday in the Senate.

The cause Fernando Báez Sosa

In the report, the Head of State also expressed his opinion about the progress of the case against the rugby group for the homicide of Fernando Báez Sosa: “You have to be inflexible, and you can’t be contemplative because a fun that kills is something unforgivable.” Alberto Fernández revealed that he contacted the lawyer of the victim’s parents to invite them to Casa Rosada: “They can come whenever they want, I don’t want them to think that I am using the subject, they know that I am when they need me,” he concluded.

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