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Alberto Heller wins the Quillón-Ñuble Shake Down

Pilot Alberto Heller was fastest in the Quillón-Ñuble Shake Down, the fourth date of the Mobil 2022 rally.

The Shake Down gave away on the fourth date Mobile Rally 2022that this weekend takes their way through Quillón and surrounding communes.

With a section of 3.32 kilometers, Cerro Negro was the first circuit that saw action in the Ñuble region.

In the category RC2PROone of the main in the most recognized motor sports competition in our country, the winner was Alberto Heller and his navigator Luis Allende.

The youngest of the Joker team set a time of 1:49.5, leading only one tenth Martín Scuncio and his co-pilot José Luis Díaz.

Third were Pedro Heller and Pablo Olmos, with a time of 1:50.4, followed by Jorge Martínez and Alberto Álvarez, with 1:52.6.

Couples fight in R2 at the Mobil rally

In the RC2 category, the one that started with everything was Emilio Rosselot which, lean on his browser Toma Canetefinished the Shake Down with a time of 1:53.1

Germán Lyon and Sebastián Vera took a little longer, which, with 1:53.9, occupies second place.

Already more than 5 seconds apart, Joaquín Ruiz and Javiera Román (1:59.1) arrived, followed by Eduardo Kovacs and Fernando Mussano (2:00.4).

Meanwhile, the best of R2 They were José Tomás Fernández and Carlos Garrafa (2:11.9); on Gathering 4 they were Patricio Muñoz together with Miguel Recalt; and in there R3 Tadeo Rosselot and Sebastián Olguín (2:13.2).

The action of the Quillón-Ñuble Mobile Rally continues on Saturday, July 30 with PE Fundo Panicalco at 11.98 kilometers from 09:28.

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