Alcoa and the unions agree to unblock the sale of the factories and maintain 100% of employment


Alcoa and the unions have reached this morning a labor agreement that unlocks the sale of the factories of Avilés and La Coruña to the Swiss investor Parter Capital and that guarantees 100% of the employment in both factories. This was stated Friday by the Secretary General of Industry, Raul Blanco, in statements to the SER, which added that this agreement offers "an industrial and employment future to the 600 families" that depend on these plants.

The agreement, according to Blanco, guarantees 100% in both plants for 24 months, although, he added, the investor Parter wants to go further and has a long-term project for the factories.

For their part, Alcoa spokespersons have noted that "this is a very important step in the process to advance the acquisition of plants by Parter Capital." "We appreciate your support to the central government and to those of Asturias and Galicia, as well as to the representatives of the workers," the company said. .


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