Aldi opens branch in Marstall – City of Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg. After difficult months – also due to the corona crisis – Marstall manager Dirk Keuthen finally had good news to announce on Thursday: Aldi Süd will open a branch of the latest generation in the Marstall next year after a major renovation.

The local supply in the Marstall and thus also in the Ludwigsburg city center will be significantly strengthened, said Keuthen. The discounter, which has now visually pimped up its shops (photo), will offer a typical city center range with a bakery and fresh food area, but also the typical Aldi promotional goods.

Fashion is having a hard time at the moment

“The settlement of Aldi Süd is another big step on the way to further expand the local supply character of the Marstall”, said Dirk Keuthen in a message from the center. With the discounter, the second supermarket is opened in the Marstall – the dealer Tegut has been represented with a shop since it opened. This step underscores the shopping center’s strategy of developing more towards inner-city local supply in the future.

With Breuningerland or Stuttgart there is a strong environment in the fashion sector, according to Keuthen. Therefore, it is a declared goal to concentrate more on local supplies – i.e. food and services – in the Marstall.

The center had recently had problems with the clothing area. Several fashion stores had given up. Two of the vacant clothing stores are now being converted for the Aldi branch. These are the former Superdry and K&L Ruppert areas on the ground floor.

Renovation starts in September

The renovation should start in September. The project is very complex because the two areas have to be merged and new technology has to be installed, says Keuthen. “We expect an opening in the course of the third quarter of 2021.” In total, the store will cover 1100 square meters at the end. “In this area, Aldi will offer around 1700 basic items as well as around 120 changing promotional items per week from the food, hardware and textile sectors.”

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With the new occupancy of the two vacancies, their number will shrink from seven to five. With the others, one is still in the process of holding talks with potential re-tenants, the manager said. “That is of course not easy in Corona times.” Despite the crisis, Keuthen sees his house in an upward trend. Although the mask requirement in the passage is a clear competitive disadvantage compared to the pedestrian zone, the number of visitors has recovered in the last few days and almost reached the normal pre-Corona level.

Dirk Keuthen: “The pandemic remains a challenge for us, but I currently see ourselves on the right track.”


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