Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

Aldi sells matching Christmas pajamas for the whole family, including the dog

Regarding Christmas, we all celebrate the big day differently, whether you're having lunch at noon or watching the Queen's or Elf's speech. But if there is one thing everyone should do on Christmas day, it's a matching pajama.

As the trend of matching nightwear takes off, Aldi has unveiled a brand new range of pajamas and Christmas sweaters that allow the entire family to tune.

Starting from 12 months, the range of pajamas and festive riders of the Aldi novelty 2018 includes different pajamas and riders for all family members, whether you want to dress mom, dad, children, baby or even the dog.

Everyone can match

At only £ 4.99 for children's pajamas and £ 9.99 for men and women, families can choose designs with goblins or bears for sets worthy of Instagram.

As for the sweaters (which you can pair with the pajamas for maximum impact), there are some for adults at £ 8.99, as well as for £ 4.99 adult t-shirts with patterns. of Santa, Flamingo or bauble.

And it's not because they are not humans that pets have to miss out, because Aldi has also launched a range of matching dog riders, along with the outfits of our four-legged friends who also bring you 4 , £ 99 and available in six designs, including elves – so that pets can match the family too!

Being from Aldi, they are absolute bargains

Below you will find a complete list of Aldi's range of Christmas sweaters and pajamas, with prices, so you can dress in season outfit without spending a fortune.

The full range of Aldi Christmas sweaters and pajamas

We want this one the most

  • Premium Christmas jumpers, £ 10.99
  • Family Pajamas for Ladies, £ 9.99
  • Christmas Pajamas for Family, £ 9.99
  • Christmas sweater for women, £ 8.99
  • Christmas sweater for men, £ 8.99
  • Children's Premium Christmas Sweater, £ 7.99
  • Christmas Horseman for Children, £ 5.99
  • Christmas baby sweater, £ 4.99
  • Jumper Christmas Pet, £ 4.99
  • Christmas fancy hats for adults, £ 4.99
  • Family Christmas pajamas for children, £ 4.99
  • Christmas t-shirt for ladies, £ 4.99
  • Christmas t-shirt for men at 5,99 €


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