Alejandro Sanz conquers Cornellà


Although it is true that Alejandro Sanz He has never left, in some way it can also be said that he has returned. Four years he had the Madrid singer without publishing a studio album, silence that broke early last April with the release of his work number twelve, entitled not too overly original #ElDisco. Last night he presented it at the RCDE Stadium of CornellàEl Prat, completely recovered from the setback of health that, also in April, forced him to have absolute rest.

The Espanyol field was full. The tickets put on sale had been exhausted days in advance, although at the last minute certain readjustments of production allowed that the capacity could be increased somewhat. New demonstration of power, then, by this singer and composer of 50 years who recorded his first album exactly three decades ago, using on that occasion the artistic name of Alexander the Great.

The musical career of Sanz, settled for quite some time in Miami, took cruise speed in 1997 thanks to More, an album that included among others what remains its most emblematic song and, in fact, one of the most round in its : Broken heart.

Alejandro Sanz invited his friend Shakira to the stage, with whom he made a duet singing 'La tortura'

It was just another song belonging to Más, Hoy que no estás, as he decided to open his concert in the blue and white arena, electric guitar at the ready and twenty minutes late. He continued with a song from the new album, Sugar in a bowl. Then, the first surprise of the night: Alejandro Sanz invited his friend Shakira on stage, with whom he made a duet singing Torture.

Naturally, such a coup d'état delighted the audience. An accomplice audience, formed by spectators of variable age, although with a tendency to maturity, being the majority women in the room.

The Espanyol field was filled to receive Alejandro Sanz

The Espanyol field was filled to receive Alejandro Sanz
(Enric Fontcuberta / EFE)

Militar as a member of the honorable division of this industry – he is a collector of Grammys awards -, our artist does not skimp on means to conquer his audience. There it was to demonstrate it a populated and parity band of twelve elements of four different nationalities, commanded by the American guitarist Michael Ciro, and in which they were integrated Catalan musicians like also the guitarist Pau Figueres, the multi-instrumentalist Vic Mirallas, and Txell Sust in the choirs. All of them and Sanz himself evolved in a set with a projection that went into the track, and the corresponding videographic support.

He also shared the stage with the Catalan Judit Nedderman to interpret 'Este segundo'

Alejandro Sanz put the finishing touch by combining themes from the new album like 'Back in the city', 'I sing a son' or 'My favorite person' with successes from previous stages such as 'El tren de los momentos' 0 'Amiga' mine ', in addition to sharing the stage with the Catalan Judit Nedderman to interpret' Este Segundo '.

The singer of Cádiz finished the concert with an equally retrospective fur medley where there was no shortage of "What if it were She?" 'And an intimate' You know '' on the piano to say goodbye to Barcelona with his clear anthem, the aforementioned 'Corazón partío'.


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