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Alena’s Horoscope: Aquarius shouldn’t promise investment, surprising course for Pisces


Consider whether you have deviated in the right direction and in your most important goals, confused by the still retrograde movement of Mercury. If necessary, change your plan for the day. You may be in a minor mood for no reason. You are offended by your colleagues who disagree with your idea, but this is their right, and you do not want to argue their motives. Distance yourself is timely and hurts you. You are not in a harmonious relationship with your intimate partner and this weighs on you. You have no desire for sexual pleasure. The reason for moving away is in you too.


Listen and listen to your interlocutors, whether your conversation is helpful or obligatory but annoying. You should not delay such conversations, where you know your goals and plans and are prepared to work actively, unless you have your own reasons for delaying them. Do not make hasty statements or show satisfaction with your work. After work, stay home and find time to talk to your spouse or intimate partner. The excuses that you are tired are outdated. Even if you don’t want to have sex, create romantic moments to caress your loved one.


Today is in your favor to complete the work started, because they bring you income that should not be underestimated, but also because of their new, doomed to failure in advance. Your problems require the help of friends and colleagues. Don’t give in to the support of influential friends who will help you find the right solution, despite Mercury’s downgrade. In the evening you tend to bring your bad mood home. If you do, the distance between you and your intimate partner will be repaired. And without that, your sex life has recently disappeared. Do what is necessary for your rapprochement.

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Be careful. Don’t make important decisions to this day, because they can be wrong and downgrade Mercury. If you have to talk to your boss and colleagues today, stay calm. You will become nervous because of unforeseen difficulties caused by other people’s mistakes that you must correct. Avoid arguments that may lead to fundamental differences and conflicts and irreversible consequences. Enjoy beautiful intimate moments and sexual pleasure, if your desire satisfies that of your partner. In the evening, take your loved ones to a restaurant.


Finish your work at noon, because in the afternoon unexpected problems caused by difficulties require you to deal with yourself, so that you do not gossip about a trivial and easy to solve problems. Don’t even lend money to your family or friends. You won’t find them back because of Mercury’s retrograde motion. Conflicts in your workplace are caused by issues that you have overlooked. In the evening, expect a romantic date and beautiful intimate moments that you have been missing recently, my dear woman. Sex will give you strength.


Do not try to succeed and conquer new professional heights because you are not prepared. It is not in your best interest to discuss a future change in your workplace, because Mercury is retrograde. Avoid side influences and attempts to distract you from your work in order to save yourself from depression due to failure at work. In new friends, don’t miss your chance to meet people with whom you can connect your life. Don’t run into sexual pleasure before you meet to avoid disappointment.

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Today, be tactful and tolerant of colleagues, friends, and acquaintances. A conflict situation is not ruled out, which can have unpredictable consequences, even if it is not caused by you. Avoid it at all costs, even if you feel affected by Mercury retrograde. You don’t want to compromise with your colleagues, anger and aggressive behavior will cause problems. There is harmony in your family if you do not transfer the tension from your workplace to the home. In the evening you will be amazed by a romantic meeting, followed by sexual experiences.


Financial losses caused by major obstacles related to the changes you want to make, despite retrograde Mercury, are not excluded. The reason is your impatience and desire to take them to this day. Be careful and start acting carefully in the afternoon. Business meetings will not bring you success. Your spouse and intimate partner expect you to have fun with an invitation to a restaurant and a gift. Think about what they will like. In the evening, enjoy sexual pleasure, but only if you are sure that it will be nice to your partner.


Don’t overestimate your strength. You are not sure that you can make important decisions, because Mercury is always retrograde. Rest in peace and work in moderation. Luck is not on your side. Do not arrange business meetings and in no case hold conversations related to joint activities, but also related to financial partnerships. Find time for yourself today. A new, beautiful, romantic friend is waiting for you. Having sex with your loved ones will give you real pleasure, so don’t miss it!

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Business deals and creative performance are successful, despite Mercury’s downgrade. Expect income from work that has already begun or is just finished, because today’s initiative is doomed to failure. Beware of incidents and, according to your colleagues, particularly “important” information, which will become incorrect and will bring you financial loss. Disagreements in the family are due to your stubbornness and unwillingness to accept other people’s opinions. Your sex life does not satisfy you. You feel neglected by your intimate half. You have to change that.


Fraud, leading to nervous tension and serious professional mistakes in your workplace in retrograde Mercury possible. Charge yourself with optimism, no matter what happens around you. Expect financial returns that are not the time to announce. Don’t rush to promise and invest the money they receive in new foreign projects, even if you are sure that they are successful. Trust your partner to save yourself from a relationship crisis caused by your coercion and shyness in expressing your feelings. The intention to experience beautiful moments of sexual pleasure will fail.


You realize that some time ago you made a mistake in your assessment of your new friends and to this day you are surprised by the course of their hands. Decide who you shouldn’t allow yourself. Don’t get bogged down in your problems to avoid emotional breakdown and inability to cope with your responsibilities. Communicating with your business partners is also difficult because Mercury is downgraded. Restore harmony in your relationship, eat delicious food in the company of your loved ones, and drink a glass of good wine. After a nice dinner, enjoy sexual pleasure.

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