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Alena’s Horoscope: Bows shouldn’t abandon their jobs, Capricorns shouldn’t share their plans


You have a difficult holiday. Don’t get into new jobs that are important to your professional success. The dissatisfaction of your colleagues will make you angry, even if you do all your homework. You are in a changed mood. Don’t refuse help if your job is stressful. You fell in love unexpectedly and strongly. It is up to you to maintain your feelings and win the heart of your loved one. Don’t fall for your friend’s desire to end your relationship.


Postpone your business meetings and take over your responsibilities this weekend. Your plan will be better than you expected and without your direct intervention. You will enjoy professional success and recognition. Your work brings not only good income, but also admiration from everyone, so provocations and conflicts from jealous people are not excluded. Don’t give in to suitors who want to spend your money on them and enchant you that they love you. Infidelity due to sudden feelings, which is a momentary state, will take you away from the harmony created in sexual intercourse.


Rely on success if you arm yourself with patience and calm down over the weekend. And otherwise, you are very sensitive. In the afternoon, solve a problem that is blocking your work. You do an excellent job. There is harmony in your business relationship. Prepare for unexpected difficulties along the way. Solve your family problems in the morning. Give your heart away if you fall in love today. It is possible for single women to experience a short-term passion. Sexual intercourse may not give you the expected pleasure if you do not clarify the misunderstandings with your intimate partner.


Be careful and try to stabilize what you have achieved in your workplace over the weekend. Talk to your new business friends, but don’t share your plans, even if you like them when you’re dating. You will increase your financial situation and you will be able to expand your business. Possible problems in family relationships and communication with your partner. Anger makes you rude and irritable. It is good to abstain. Even if you don’t feel like having sex, think about whether or not sex is right for you.

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Have a postponed conversation with your business partner when you invite them to lunch on the weekend. Don’t forget to set your requirements without hesitation so as not to hurt your work. Be careful when working with financial documents. Take no chances. Business travel possible. You better put it on. Your personal life is in crisis because you are wondering whether to stay with your spouse or whether it is best to separate, but think and make decisions with yourself. Sex will not give you answers to your disturbing questions.


Stay calm so you don’t get in trouble this weekend. Financial income is not excluded. Do not be afraid of difficulties in the workplace. Your work is controversial. everything is provided to you with ease. You have the opportunity to satisfy your desire for new business meetings, which you have not been able to arrange for some time. Do not show aggression. In the evening, expect family problems. You need to decide whether to continue your life with your partner. Judge if you still have feelings for her. Don’t appreciate sexual pleasure, because then you’ll regret it. It is possible if you single fell in love with a new romantic relationship.


Keep calm at work and do your daily routine. Postpone business meetings because your communication today is subject to your emotions. Don’t think long and agree to consider profitable business propositions. Be focused on your work so as not to create problems with your colleagues next week. Hurry is forbidden. You feel that you have distanced yourself from your loved ones, but the reason is that your behavior hurts them. Don’t run into infidelity and sex with casual partners, just satisfy your hurt ego.

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If you are a trader, remember that over the weekend the increase in material terms will be followed immediately and by urgent expenses. Consider whether you need to invest to save future losses in the coming months. If you have to talk to your boss and colleagues, stay calm. Don’t be tempted to enter into a romantic relationship if you are married, because you will soon regret it, and going back can be impossible. Your sexual relations are not harmonious and mutually desirable. Don’t blame your loved ones.


Don’t give up your job at work on the weekend. You are ready to have endless conversations and enrich your knowledge. Don’t make impulsive decisions. Changes are favorable if they are not related to investment. Too much depth leads to distractions and the inability to hear what your colleagues are saying. If you have friends related to your personal life, dear woman, caution is a must because you run the risk of committing with an inappropriate partner. You know sex only gives you pleasure if it fits your temperament or your feelings are so strong that you are ready to conform to their desires.


Finish your work without worries, even if it takes your time on the weekend. Efforts that will follow in the afternoon may not be successful, and success is in luck. Don’t share your plans so as not to mislead users. Stabilize what has been achieved. Do not engage in conversations with colleagues who want to be called a competitor. Complications with your loved ones are possible due to the inability to express your true feelings. In the evening you enjoy a romantic date. Without hesitation, take the step towards clarifying the relationship, making your loved one happy with a gift and enjoying the beautiful sexual experience.

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Over the weekend, don’t express an opinion related to your new business friend. Don’t make hasty decisions and abandon the intent to seek a compromise. New friends will become the basis for future success. The postponement of the trip was planned the day before, due to the inability to abandon work at work. Do not try to win someone’s heart if you are a married woman or a serious fiancé. You will make a mistake if you appreciate your sexual desire and commit with a little known partner.


Beware of inappropriate weekend meetings and avoid communicating with strangers, especially if they are related to your professional plans. Be prepared to be angry about your own slander, which has no cover, but is jealous of your professional success. Create positive emotions. Your sex life requires you to be more active if you want to feel good. Married women will experience a short-lived romantic passion, but if you are not married, it can be a prelude to a stable relationship.

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