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Alena’s horoscope: Leo to take the initiative, Virgo to beware of enemies


Do not try to take risks at work on the weekend, because you will face difficulties from which it will not be easy to get out, especially if you cause failure. Planned business trips will bring the expected results. You will be supported by your partner, who will help you find a way out of the difficult situation despite the retrograde Mercury. In the evening, stay home with your loved one or go to a restaurant with friends if you want to prove that you are not obsessed about it. Sex will unload, so don’t give it up.


It is not recommended to travel, although you do want to visit your family or friends. Avoid discussions in the workplace, because of the contradiction and the opinions of colleagues, pushed by retrograde Mercury. Do not cause undesirable changes. Avoid unexpected and unforeseen expenses. In the evening, indulge in relaxation and romantic moments. If you decide to clarify your relationship, you will create serious problems with your intimate partner and you will lose sex.


Today, although the day is a holiday, you have an important meeting ahead of you, which is a reason to think seriously about your future career. Work hard and reject your work. In the afternoon, good news related to friends or family is not excluded. Postponed important business decisions for another day because Mercury downgraded. Analyze the errors in your behavior according to the order of retrograde Mercury. Unfortunately, you have not yet stabilized your relationship at home. Be careful with your loved ones. Do not cheat and do not be jealous.


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Over the weekend you will face unresolved issues due to unfulfilled promises you made to your loved ones and will now fall on your responsibilities. You will be overwhelmed by financial problems due to your retrograde Mercury. Conflicts with strangers or traffic police are possible, even if you’re traveling for a business meeting, so if you’re behind the wheel, don’t overdo it at high speed. Realize that your great love will help you heal all your emotional wounds. Again, sex will have an invigorating effect after a busy day.


Although the day is a holiday, take the initiative in the workplace, even if you are not ready for that sacrifice, because your colleagues refuse to do so, unlike retrograde Mercury. You will have to take on more responsibilities due to the absence of your colleagues, but this is in your best interest. Give your business meetings. They can expect a better day. You are experiencing romantic love and you are infinitely happy. Your sex is harmonious. Sex with your loved ones removes tension and fatigue.


The day is a holiday and he warns you to beware of enemy blows that want to hurt you at any cost, especially in Mercury’s retrograde movement. Expect an improvement in your financial situation through new jobs. You have a journey ahead and useful new friends, but be careful. Don’t make hasty decisions if you have arranged for business meetings. In the evening, expect beautiful romantic moments. Married women should beware of infidelity, because they will be exposed. Talk openly with your partner about your desire to avoid problems due to lack of harmony in intimate moments.

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Determine on this holiday and do not patiently abuse the fate, unlike retrograde Mercury, if you deliberately delay the application of your work on that day. Today you are in shape and you can reject all your delays. Business meetings and conversations are successful, and you know exactly what you want to achieve. Don’t cheat on your partner. You will provoke a reaction that you will not like and that will distance you. Don’t rely on harmonious sex because of your behavior, which has irritated your intimate partner.


Expect revenue over the weekend if you are engaged in trading. Don’t create tension just because you want to oppose retrograde Mercury, but to your detriment. In the workplace, you do a good job if you are not upset about the mistakes of others. Take no chances. The day is not good to be prepared to sign contracts related to banking institutions. In the evening, be gentle and kind to your loved ones. Feelings force you to break between two relationships. Don’t hurt your intimate partner with infidelity and sex with casual partners, after you know the suffering in the heart.


Be careful, this weekend you are subject to a difficult emotion, and Mercury helps you with its retrograde movements. Finishing the job started at the end of the day, because otherwise you will extend it in time and you will damage your authority. Your suspicion, excessive sensitivity and intolerance of criticism will become a cause of professional problems. Stay with your loved ones in the evening. Do not invite guests, and if you are surprised do not stay late. Sex will give you another pleasure, but take the necessary precautions.

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Hurry to work is to your detriment this weekend because Mercury is still downgraded. Be patient and postpone business calls to get things done after you are late, even if you have a deadline and the payment is good. Don’t be stubborn and serious just because you don’t like something. Creating harmony in family relationships. Rest in the evening and if you want to have sex, don’t forget to enjoy your intimate moments.


Be prepared for unexpected difficulties along the way, if new work is planned to be associated with risky actions that you have to take in the morning on the weekend. You will do well, but more slowly due to Mercury’s retrograde motion. It is you though you will win another professional victory, which is possible only if you are insightful. Excuse your loved ones for their behavior. Lack of a normal sex life makes you nervous. In the evening, try to restore harmony in family relationships.


Overcome problems working to increase your income over the weekend. Expand your activities, thanks to the newly established foreign contacts, without delay, so that you do not exceed, but sign the contracts after 03.06. due to the still retrograde Mercury. You will make a mistake if you accept a proposal to change your job without consulting. In the evening, invite your loved one to a restaurant, but be the only one. After dinner, cuddle him, be gentle and kind and indulge in sexual pleasure.

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