Alex Scott to become first female English commentator in a FIFA / Video Games / FIFA /

While PES decline, FIFA continues to innovate.

Former England player Alex Scott – many years at Arsenal and 140 caps with the Lionesses – who converted to journalist and commentator for Sky Sports and the BBC since the end of her career in 2018, will lend her voice to the English comments of FIFA 22. She announced the news herself this Wednesday evening. It is a first in the history of the franchise, in terms of its English version, to have a commentator. FIFA 21 had already taken the plunge, in its Spanish and German versions.

Scott will replace Alan McInally’s voice as a pitchside reporter. “I know this is just the start of a stronger representation of women in football at EA Sports and as a whole” , she commented.

It’s a change from Pierre Ménès.


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