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Alex Trivellato has settled in very well at HCB. © Vanna Antonello

With two wins in the first two games, HCB Südtirol Alperia has reported back as befits its position after the Corona break. One of the protagonists was DEL loaner Alex Trivellato, who spoke to SportNews about his dream debut, the deal with HCB and his imminent end in Talferstadt.

The HCB is back – and how. They won on Tuesday against Bratislava 4-0, on Wednesday they forced them Slovaks bend their knees 6: 5. Especially in the first game, Alex Trivellato made his mark with a goal and an assist. “I fired two shots and it went well twice,” said the defender from Leifer with a smile and added: “I was of course very happy to make such a debut here. But it is much more important that we were able to win twice. It’s not easy after such a long break. “

Trivellato is actually under contract in the highest German ice hockey league (DEL) near Krefeld. Because there has been a constant hiccup over the start of the championship there in the last few weeks and months, the 27-year-old went back to the HCB at home after more than 10 years in Germany – but only on loan. “At the end of October we agreed on a loan contract of six weeks,” explains the 325-time DEL player.

Contract until December 1st

However, Corona then caused chaos: Because almost the entire HCB squad was infected, the Foxes did not play a game for a month. “Unfortunately it went a bit stupid. I would have liked to be able to play a few more games in these six weeks. But the virus didn’t make it possible, ”said Trivellato. His contract is valid until December 1st, so the ice hockey crack is expected to play 5 more games in white and red before he moves back to Germany. There the DEL will resume playing on December 17th.

Trivellato (number 15 on the right) strengthens the HCB defense until December 1st. © Vanna Antonello

In these weeks, Trivellato has found his way around the HCB very well. “The team welcomed me very well. I already knew many from the national team. And the organization here in Bolzano is also great. How they cope with the tests and so on in this difficult situation – I have to say chapeau. ”Can he imagine playing in Bolzano one day? “Sure, but I’m not worrying too much at the moment. My focus is still in Germany and I think from year to year. “

“Everyone is happy that they are playing again in Germany – even if many compromises have to be made.”
Alex Trivellato

The fact that the DEL agreed on Thursday to continue the season on December 17th is primarily a “great relief” for Trivellato. “After such a long period of uncertainty, everyone is happy that they are playing again – even if a lot of compromises have to be made, especially with us players. The salaries have been cut by up to 60 percent. ”Before Trivellato goes to Krefeld, he wants to cause a sensation in the next games at HCB. Starting with the away game on Friday in Linz, which starts at 7.15 p.m. The defender’s credo: “I definitely want to repay the trust that was given to me here in Bolzano.”

ICEHL, Friday’s games

5.30 pm: Bratislava Capitals – Graz99ers
7.15 p.m .: Black Wings – HCB Südtirol Alperia
7.15 p.m.: Dornbirn Bulldogs – EC KAC

1. Graz 99ers 11 8 0 3 40:31 22
2. Vienna Capitals 9 7 0 2 38:19 21
3. Klagenfurt AC 10 6 0 4 25:19 19
4. Fehervar AV19 11 6 0 5 38:40 18
5. Südtirol HCB 7 5 0 2 28:18 16
6. Dornbirn Bulldogs 11 5 0 6 32:35 14
7th EC Salzburg 7 4 0 3 25:18 13
8th HC Innsbruck 10 3 0 7 26:35 11
9. Bratislava Capitals 10 4 0 6 28:38 11
10. EHC Linz 11 3 0 8 28:40 8
11. Villacher SV 9 2 0 7 22:37 6

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