Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Alfie from EastEnders continues his plan – but Jean threatens it for the baby

In tonight's EastEnders, Alfie Moon continues his zany stratagem.

The entrepreneur also manages to involve Hayley, mother of her baby, in her funeral projects Blue Moon.

Hayley loves to help her and realize how much the baby matters to him.

However, she is devastated when Alfie turns her attention to Kat and creates a touching gesture for his ex-wife.

That does not impress John who tells Alfie that she knows the truth about her baby and will go to see Kat when he does not know it.

Alfie talks to Ian about his new business

Alfie distributes leaflets from the Blue Moon funeral with Hayley

Will Alfie decide to tell Kat the truth?

Meanwhile, Mel decides that it's time to reveal who she is to Ray's secret wife, Maddie.

Furious Maddie refuses to believe his shock statements, but Mel drops a second bomb.

Mel meets Maddie at the cafe

Evie puts pressure on Tiffany so she gives medicine to Keegan

Elsewhere, Evie asks Tiffany to give medicine to Keegan.

Tiffany reluctantly accepts the plan but is caught by Bernadette.

Also tonight, Billy is inspired by Alfie to take revenge on Adam.

* EastEnders airs tonight on BBC One at 7:30 pm

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