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Algerian football boss Kheïreddine Zetchi wants a CAN every 4 years

After the announcement of Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, who wants the idea of ​​a CAN every 4 years instead of 2, it is the turn of the president of the Algerian Football Federation, Kheïreddine Zetchi, d ” issue an opinion. “The CAN every two years, for me, is a kind of failure for this competition. The real reason is that this CAN is a financial pit for the organizing countries. We very often see a competition without an audience, apart from the matches which concern the host country, or the matches from the quarter-finals. Economically, it’s very limited, “said the manager for FAF TV. “I plan to organize CAN every 4 years and I have said this before on Algerian Radio. We are for a CAN every four years provided that the specifications are more demanding than what it is today “, continues the former president of Paradou AC. “If this competition changes to a frequency every four years, I suggest that it not be played in a year in which another major competition like the World Cup or the Euro is held. In this way, the CAN will become the major major event of the year in question, which will bring a lot more to the Confederation of African football and will give the host country more time to prepare for its competition “, argued Kheïreddine Zetchi.


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