Alianza Lima Carlos Bustos team prepares for what is sportingly called League 2 2021 Segunda Division claim TAS youTube video

The team of Lima Alliance is already preparing to build the foundations of what will be its participation in the League 2 2021, in which they will fight for the long-awaited promotion to the First Division. For this, they have made the services of Carlos Bustos, who spoke with Libero about the team present.

The Argentine coach – passing through Melgar and San Martín in our country – referred to the claim in the legal way that exists from La Victoria.

“We are preparing ourselves for what touches sports, which is the League 2. Obviously there is the claim of the institution and I hope it prospers, because in the way in which Alianza is managed administratively and, being one of the best teams in the order that today is proclaimed for football to continue growing, it is a bit unfair what has happened. There are some teams in the First Division … there have been things that are difficult to understand, “he said initially.

Bustos is not distracted by the legal actions taken by the club and highlights the level of recruitment for this 2021 season. “The team must prepare for League 2, the players who have joined are all from League 1“, he emphasized.


Bustos was consulted by some players who were on loan last year and who “are contemplated” for this season, as is the case of Renato Rojas, José Gallardo and Mauricio Matzuda.

“We are putting together the final squad. The institution has given me all the players who have a contract, who are on loan and who are going to be reinstated. In that sense, the players you have named are covered (Rojas, Matzuda and Gallardo), but it also depends on private meetings that are held with them as well, “he said.

Finally, the Argentine considered that the team has several alternatives to meet the requirements in League 2 for the bag of minutes. “I understood that there were 3 U-23 players and one that adds to the U-20 Stock Market. To give you an idea, between U-20 and U-23 players in the planning we have there must be about 15 (in Alliance ). There are alternatives to handle calmly “, sentenced.

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