“Alias ​​Caracalla”, the beating heart of the Resistance

We must kill boche! “ Ulcerated by the announcement of Pétain’s capitulation to the enemy, the young Bordeaux aristocrats have only one idea in mind, to take up arms to restore the honor of France. Faced with general resignation, they surrender to the obvious: to continue the fight, you have to leave. On June 20, 1940, they embarked for North Africa before being diverted to England and joining General de Gaulle.

In this swarm of scorched heads, this captivating television film by Alain Tasma, broadcast for the first time in 2013 on France 3, focuses in particular on the young Daniel Cordier, an exalted Maurrassian, whose political and artistic education is followed by the great resistant and visionary republican Jean Moulin, of which he becomes the secretary. From the book Alias ​​Caracalla, a vibrant learning story by Daniel Cordier, the director was able to capture the passion, as well as this curious mixture of candor and resourcefulness that characterizes the young idealist and his resistant comrades. Several touching sequences (including the first Christmas dinner away from their families) remind them that they have barely emerged from childhood and underline their loneliness, their fragility.

Jean Moulin very human

Far from the classic iconography with hat and scarf, Alias ​​Caracalla is also attached to the figure of Jean Moulin. “We wanted to avoid the legendary representations to be in life, declared during its first broadcast producer and screenwriter Georges-Marc Benamou. ” At the time of the facts, Jean Moulin did not know that he was Jean Moulin, he did not take himself for a hero. He is a double being: both an uncompromising prefect and a gourmet Mediterranean, a lover of painting. A man, also, of remarkable political intelligence, who projects himself into the future and who, in the fierce battles of ideas between the great “big cats” of the Resistance, carries a vision of post-war France . A generous and peaceful society which, alas, he will never have the opportunity to build.


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