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Alibaba Cloud Partners with Olympic Broadcasting Service

Alibaba Cloud, in cooperation with the Olympic broadcasting service unit, brings innovation and efficiency. ready to encourage everyone to participate

Alibaba Cloud Olympic

Alibaba Cloud has partnered with Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) to bring more Alibaba cloud technology to use during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics to provide broadcasting. broadcasting more efficiently Support to provide coverage of sports events to sports fans around the world with a wide coverage.

This year’s Winter Olympics For the first time, all broadcasting organizations purchased television and radio rights to compete. Rights-Holding Broadcasters (RHBs) can receive video and audio from live broadcasts through a more streamlined alternative public cloud infrastructure. at a fraction of the cost compared to other transmission methods. It also allows sports fans around the world to experience the thrilling and realistic rhythm of the game from the best angles from multiple angles.

Edge cloud technology is adopted for realistic video capture.
Edge cloud technology is adopted for realistic video capture.

Yiannis Exarchos, Chief Executive Officer of OBS comment “Even in the midst of the COVID-19 situation But our partnership with Alibaba Cloud has continually changed the way our Olympic Games are broadcast. OBS Cloud is one of the deepest technological changes, which, besides OBS Cloud, delivers unprecedented performance. It came first to broadcasting organizations. It also opens up endless innovation opportunities. and convey the excitement of the Olympic Games to as wide a audience as possible.”

Edge cloud technology is adopted for realistic video capture.
Live Cloud-Based Streaming for the First Time at the Winter Olympics

Live Cloud for real-time broadcasting

During the Beijing 2022 Games, more than 20 broadcasting organizations used Live Cloud to receive live broadcasts of sporting events in either ultra-high definition (UHD) or high definition (HD) formats. OBS Cloud For the first time in a live Olympics with the use of technological innovations and new technologies to transmit live broadcasts to the world and can compete with traditional solutions such as from telecommunication lines. or from transmitting data via satellite effectively

Live Cloud is part of OBS Cloud, a powerful live broadcasting solution created by OBS and Alibaba. Live Cloud was previously introduced as a standard service to RHBs during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. development of this technology Broadcasters rely on complex and costly international telecommunication optical circuits. It also takes time to set up the device. To send live broadcasts back to their countries, OBS now takes advantage of a flexible global infrastructure. can be scaled and high security of Alibaba Cloud The digital technology business and core intelligence unit of Alibaba Group enables OBS to deliver a wide range of high-quality content, all through the public cloud, with a short set-up time and It doesn’t cost much.

Low latency performance and high flexibility of the cloud. Allowing content delivery via the cloud is about to outperform other content distribution methods. In terms of scalability, flexibility and cost This will significantly affect broadcasters’ broadcast efficiency. And with the stability, flexibility, and agility of the global cloud. It also ensures broadcast quality. Even during times when there are a lot of people watching the live stream of the match.

OBS also takes full advantage of Live Cloud’s agility to transmit data in the cloud. By using an application that allows broadcasters to choose which feeds to receive information at the desired time.

Selina Yuan, General Manager of International Business of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence “Live cloud transmissions are a particularly useful resource for broadcasters who are unable to attend the Winter Olympics on their own. or having to invest large amounts of in-house infrastructure We hope that cloud technology will not only reduce costs associated with broadcasting It also supports the full coverage of the Winter Olympics live, as RHBs have access to live footage and select the feeds they want to broadcast. Finally, we hope sports fans around the world will enjoy the Excited for this Winter Olympics.”

Live Cloud-Based Streaming for the First Time at the Winter Olympics

Multi-Camera Replay System และ High-Quality Reconstruction on Cloud

OBS and Alibaba have installed a multi-camera replay system for slow-motion replay that can freeze frames during matches. to create a more vibrant and engaging viewing experience with the Beijing Games 2022. It will also be the first time this Olympic broadcast uses a cloud-based workflow for replay. This gives sports fans around the world a more realistic experience from a variety of camera angles installed throughout the stadium.

Alibaba’s high-performance edge cloud solution. Allows live footage of skate turns and speed from multiple angles to be captured and collected via the edge cloud for real-time processing and editing. Before reproducing selected moments through various feed formats and seamlessly recreating the most exciting moments, it only takes a few seconds to get ready in the cloud and Integrated as a single part in live broadcasts

For quick and specific day-to-day coverage of news stories like highlights or milestones of the day, cloud-based footage can be processed on Intel’s 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable processors to create 3 visualizations. High-quality dimensions of sports events in 4K resolution, providing a more immersive and interesting viewing experience. Using Alibaba’s proven cloud technology combined with Intel’s computing power, virtual 3D scenes can be rendered in less than a minute.

Live Content Editing and Remote Production

Content+, Alibaba’s cloud-hosted OBS content delivery platform, will continue to offer broadcast services to RHBs, including access to short-form content, HD livestreams, and content. All OBS-produced additions in resolution for viewing and downloading. during the Winter Olympics OBS is expected to produce more than 6,000 hours of content to provide RHBs with a range of content including 900 hours of live sports and ceremonies, and an additional 1,200 hours of other sporting event footage via Multi Clip Feeds – which adds Doubled the number of sporting events that took place at PyeongChang 2018.

It is also the first time RHBs have been able to create sub-clips from a live session on Content+, allowing editing to begin while the live stream is being broadcast. It’s a very efficient way to work remotely with large amounts of content. For the first time, OBS uses a cloud-based editing approach to speed distribution management with a team of remote editors.

Driven by the ever-increasing shift in the need to work remotely using cloud services. and from the impact of this global epidemic The size of the teams broadcasting the Winter Olympics has been greatly reduced. The number of on-site broadcasting personnel at the 2022 Beijing Games dropped nearly 40 percent compared to the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympic Games.

Watch a video on OBS Cloud here: https://www.alizila.com/media-resource/b-roll-handout-olympic-broadcasting-services-on-the-cloud-at-beijing-2022/ and video on OBS Cloud. with Camera Replay System here https://www.alizila.com/media-resource/b-roll-handout-alibaba-cloud-multi-camera-replay-system-at-beijing-2022/

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