with Cia to bring Italian food to the world and beyond

ROME – Landing in the world with Italian food products. Which is relatively easy for large groups, less so for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. Yet Italy will see 26 PGI and PDO products recognized and therefore protected in China from next year, the highest number for EU countries. An open road. Thus the CIA, the Farmers’ Confederation, has signed an agreement with (Alibaba Group) to allow producers to land in China through the largest online trading platform in the world. It does so by involving Adiacent, the first and only European Union operator to have obtained recognition from in order to operate on the platform. Not a small advantage. Of course, the service costs from 2000 to 4000 euros per year, the price of a seat at the fair. But the push for digitalization could and should help. The first call was made in August and today Malvira, a wine producer from Piedmont, made his debut on the site.

“It’s an agreement that can make a difference. It is not a shop, it is something more structured. Even in this way it can win the export challenge – said Dino Scanavino, national president of CIA – by facilitating the access of our companies to foreign markets, facilitating not only the direct relationship between companies and consumers, but also between companies themselves, offering new and important development opportunities through electronic commerce “. For Rodrigo Cipriani Foresio, Managing Director of Alibaba for Southern Europe, it is another rosette to hang. And it is only the first. The Italian companies present on the portal today are a thousand. “But in the next 4-5 years – declared Cipriani Foresio – we want to have 10 thousand companies with us. The collaboration signed with Cia makes us very proud and fits fully into the long-term project of to support Italian companies. of the agri-food sector, in particular the smaller companies, in their path of digitalization and internationalization. “ on the other hand has 20 million buyers all over the world and the most sought-after category is food. It represents the largest platform B2B e-commerce, with 150 million registered users, 190 countries and regions involved, over 300 thousand requests per day for 40 product sectors. And an eye on “food & beverage”, which represents the first item among the “top 10 industries “of the online platform, with 12% of clicks on wine and 7% on pasta. And if you go to Alibaba, you don’t just arrive in China, but everywhere.

Among the points of the agreement between CIA and, there are also many services to support companies on the marketplace: creation of advertising and information material; marketing of products and suppliers on the “Italian Pavilion” window of the portal; participation in events and activities such as roadshows, conferences, online promotions via social media or media; marketing and communication consultancy.

“We are proud to take part in this initiative – continued Paola Castellacci, CEO of Adiacent – because on the one hand it confirms and strengthens our partnership with, a collaboration that was started by our group since 2018. It was Alibaba to come and visit us. We are convinced that, with 45 years of experience, over 2,500 collaborators and 23 offices throughout Italy, our group can support the digitalization of Made in Italy companies and help Cia member companies to make the most of the opportunities offered by the largest marketplace. B2B online to the world “. Of course there was Covid 19 and if 2019 was a golden year for exports, now the road is uphill.

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